Project Solve SharePoint

Project Solve SharePoint has been chosen by the Department as the collaboration site for the Department and its stakeholders in order to conduct business in a paperless environment.  Stakeholders will be required to have a login into the site. Please refer to instructions on how to obtain one.

ProjectSolve SharePoint Contacts
District 1: Gibu GeevargheseDistrict 1 Backup: Scott Sikorski
District 2: Jamie RogersDistrict 2 Backup: Robert “Skip” Flint
District 3: Cheryl Ross District 3 Backup: Angie Bush
District 4: Beatriz IsazaDistrict 4 Backup: Benjamin Burton
District 5: Robert BarbourDistrict 5 Backup: Tamii Chapman
District 6: Erin SudmanDistrict 6 Backup: Lynn Novak
District 7: Adam DrumDistrict 7 Backup: Philip Alex
Turnpike: Rachel Panchookian