Project Solve SharePoint has been chosen by the Department as the collaboration site for the Department and its stakeholders in order to conduct business in a paperless environment.  Stakeholders will be required to have a login into the site. Please refer to instructions on how to obtain one.

ProjectSolve SharePoint Contacts
District 1: Gibu GeevargheseDistrict 1 Backup: Scott Sikorski
District 2: Jamie RogersDistrict 2 Backup: Rusty Cheshire
District 3: Cheryl Ross District 3 Backup: Angie Bush
District 4: Beatriz IsazaDistrict 4 Backup: Benjamin Burton
District 5: Robert BarbourDistrict 5 Backup: Tamii Chapman
District 6: Erin SudmanDistrict 6 Backup: Lynn Novak
District 7: Adam DrumDistrict 7 Backup: Judith Sobczak


Project Solve Updates

Changes are coming to the Project Solve SharePoint System (PSSP). The State Construction office and WSP are in the final stages of a plan to migrate more than two hundred PSSP Project Sites to a new template. The new template design relies upon an event-driven process to move documents from PSSP to EDMS / OpenText. Early testing indicates that this process is far more reliable than the Nintex workflows currently in use. Project Sites that were created after June 30, 2017 using the version 1.0 template will be migrated first. WSP will coordinate with district administrators on migration. Once this starts it is expected that these version 1.0 sites will be complete within twelve weeks. Afterward, approximately eighty-three older legacy sites (those created before June 30, 2017) will be migrated. Beyond that, any remaining sites will fall away by attrition. Consult with your district PSSP administrator on plans to migrate PSSP sites in your district.