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Contractor Submittals 
SchedulesSection 1
MOTSection 2
Erosion ControlSection 3
Erosion Control - NPDES FormsSection 3a
Duly Authorized RepresentativeSection 3b
Responsible Authority Notice of Change (NOC) for FDEP NPDES PermitSection 3c
MAC Access RequestSection 4
Safety ProgramsSection 5
Vehicle Registration, AuthorizationSection 6
Company ExecutivesSection 7
Lighting PlanSection 8
Railroad InsuranceSection 9
Request for DHR to Review Proposed Borrow Pit SiteSection 10
Request for Endangered Species Inspection of the Proposed Borrow Pit Site
Section 10a
Site Evaluation LetterSection 11
Optional Base and/or Optional PipeSection 12
Partial Payment for Certain MaterialsSection 13
Lane Closures of 2 hrs. or moreSection 14
Unpaid Bills, Sublets, & Rental AgreementsSection 15
Time Extension RequestSection 16
Alternate Traffic Control PlanSection 17
Disposal of Waste OilSection 18
Contractor Past Performance ReportSection 19
MUTCDSection 20

Bridge Meeting Agenda
Preconstruction Conference Sign-In Sheet
Preconstruction Conference Agenda
Pre-paving Asphalt Meeting Agenda
Utility Preconstruction Meeting Agenda