There is a long history of Alternative Contracting but the primary goal is to improve the construction project, speed project delivery and improve the project delivery without compromising safety or quality. Timely project completion results in reduced disruptions and inconveniences to the traveling public, affected businesses and property owners, thus supporting the Department's mission.

General Information
A+B Bidding Bid Averaging Method CM@Risk
Design Build - Major Design Build - Minor Incentive/Disincentive
Lane Rentals Liquidated Savings No Excuse Bonus
Performance Based Contracting SEP - 14 SEP - 15
Statute 337.025    
Other Topics File Type & Size
Alternative Contract Performance - Project Duration (PDF File, 76kb)
Design Build  
Lump Sum Project Guidelines Links to Roadway Design Website
FDOT Economic Stimulus Package  
  Stimulus Package Funded (PDF File, 207kb)
  Stimulus Package Issues (PDF File, 238kb)
Inspection Guide for Witness & Hold Point Contracts (PDF File, 213kb)

For questions regarding Design Build issues, please contact:
Larry Ritchie, 850-414-4168