Design-Build Major

Compared to traditional contract procurement, time is saved when the project construction begins during design. Design-Build assigns the design and construction to one firm, sometimes allowing construction to begin before plans are complete.

This provides a single point of contact for quality, cost and schedule from design through construction, thus reducing change orders and claims due to errors and omissions.

Design-Build is innovative in that it allows the contractor maximum flexibility to choose innovative designs, materials and construction techniques.

Major Design-Build contracts are allowed under Section 337.11(7), Florida Statutes. The Legislature allows the use of Design-Build contracts to expedite the project implementation and completion schedule of certain major construction projects. Simply stated, Design-Build major projects include bridges where the estimated cost for construction is $10 million and over, buildings, and rail corridor projects.


These types of Design-Build contracts are NOT included in the $120 million statutory cap for Design-Build projects.