FDOT CADD Webinars

The CADD Office offers bi-weekly GOTO Webinars, generally held from 10:00 am to 11:00 am (Eastern Daylight Time), addressing the hottest topics and most frequently asked questions.

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Participants may obtain the required session information and links to join meetings from the Webinar Schedule table below just by clicking on the links provided. Don’t forget to check for any attached resource documents to review!

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Webinar Schedule

This is a list of upcoming webinar sessions. Please register early and remember to login at least 15 minutes prior to the webinar to ensure a timely session. PDH credits will not be available for any webinar unless expressly stated in the webinar's description.

2024 CADD Webinar Series

01/11/2024Transoft Aqcess Ramp DemonstrationMichael VeermanWebinar videoQ&A
03/07/2024ORD Curb Ramp Civil CellsZachary BillingsWebinar videoQ&A
03/21/2024FDOT Reference Checker, GCS Report, and Supporting ToolsJames GriffithWebinar videoQ&A
04/25/2024FDOT Rebar ToolHeather PiorunWebinar videoQ&A

Past Webinars

The CADD Office provides a list of webinar training sessions previously recorded that addresses the hottest topics and most frequently asked questions. View all previously recorded webinar sessions in their respective categories below.

2023 CADD Webinar Series
FDOT Transportation Symposium
FDOT General Resources
FDOT Connect - OpenRoads Designer
FDOT Connect - OpenBridge Modeler
FDOT SS4 - MicroStation
FDOT C3D - Civil 3D

2023 CADD Webinar Series

03/29/2023FDOT Drainage Training - Custom Drainage Structure: Pipe Concrete JacketJames WorleyWebinar video-
04/20/2023Plan Set ManagerMatt SextonWebinar VideoQ&A
05/18/2023 Traffic Plans – Pole Data ManagerRandy Roberts Webinar Video-
06/22/2023 Geotech Tools James Griffith Webinar VideoQ&A
07/06/2023Civil 3D Milling & Overlay and ReportsMike RaccaWebinar Video-
07/27/2023Custom Drainage Structures - Pond ControlJames WorleyWebinar Video-
08/03/2023 ORD Labeling ToolsZach Billings Webinar Video-
08/17/2023 Design Survey Orientation
John HazlipWebinar Video-
09/07/2023 FDOT Civil 3D 2024 - What’s NewRandy RobertsWebinar Video-
09/14/2023ORD and OBM Retaining Wall workflow around BridgesRob HuntWebinar Video-
09/28/2023Project Primary Control Network Design PlanRon HansenWebinar Video-
10/19/2023FDOTConnect10.12 What’s NewMatt SextonWebinar Video-
11/02/2023OBM workflows for FSBsHeather Piorun Webinar Video-
11/30/2023Traffic Plans Tools for C3DRandy Roberts/Marcus DuvalWebinar Video-
12/07/2023ORD Subsoil Excavation modeling with Templates and Core SamplesZach Billings Webinar Video-
12/14/2023Quantities Troubleshooting and Custom Pay ItemsKandi DaffinWebinar Video-

FDOT Transportation Symposium

New GEOTECH Tools for FDOTConnect
Webinar video on New GEOTECH Tools for FDOTConnect.PresentationQ&A2021/10/20
Design Model Review ToolsWebinar video on Design Model Review Tools.--2021/09/30
BIM and CADD Standards UpdatesWebinar video on BIM and CADD Standards Updates.--2021/07/22
General CADD Office Updates from last yearWebinar video on General CADD Office Updates from last year.--2021/06/24
FDOTConnect for ORD Drainage Workflow
Webinar video on FDOTConnect for ORD Drainage Workflows.--2020/12/17
Traffic Plan Updates
Webinar video on Traffic Plan Updates.--2020/10/20
CADD Bridge Modeling Updates and BIM Standardization
Webinar video on CADD Bridge Modeling Updates and BIM Standardization.-Q&A2020/09/15
FDOT Connect Automated Quantity Workflow and ...
Webinar video on FDOT Connect Automated Quantity Workflow and Summary Reports for Open Roads Designer.--2020/08/13
CADD Manual, CADD Tools, and ...
Webinar video on CADD Manual, CADD Tools, and CADD Platform Updates.--2020/07/14
How To Review 3D Models
Webinar video on How To Review 3D Models.--2020/06/16

FDOT General Resources

FDOT / ACEC Software Check TrainingThis video is a pre-requisite for attending the FDOT / ACEC Software Check prior to FDOT / ACEC CADD Training. Topics include: software versions, understanding the FDOT software and FDOT training datasets.Presentation 2024/02/27
FDOTConnect Important InformationThis webinar covers important information about FDOTConnect and FDOTConnect10.10 and what you need to know.Presentation-2022/06/09
FDOT Ribbon TabWhat to do if FDOT Tab does not show up on the Ribbon in ORD and other Connect Edition applications.--2022/02/09
FDOT QC Process OverviewThis video is an overview of the current FDOT QC process including QCProject and Project Validator.--2020/06/23
Create Project Tool for ...Webinar video on Create Project Tool for District CADD Managers. --2020/06/15
FDOT Procedure for Signing Native CADD FilesThis webinar covers the FDOT recommended procedure for signing native CADD files, 3D deliverables and XML files with Digital Signature Certificates.--2020/06/08

FDOT Connect - OpenRoads Designer

Creating Worksheets for Large Format Plan SheetsThis training video demonstrates steps to create utility worksheets for large format plan sheets in FDOTConnect10.10 (or later) using Open Road Designer.Presentation-2023/10/03
FDOT Drainage - Custom Drainage Structure and Pipe Concrete JacketThis webinar session covers FDOT Drainage utilizing Custom Drainage Structure and Pipe Concrete Jacket.
FDOTConnect10.11 - March UpdatesThis webinar covers information regarding the updates to FDOTConnect10.11-Q&A2023/03/23
Print Bing Maps BackgroundThis video shows how to have the Bing Aerial Background Map print to plan sheets.--2022/12/02
FDOTConnect Workspace ConfigurationTraining video demonstrating the configuration of the FDOTConnect Workspace.--2022/07/22
Connect ORD Frequently Asked QuestionsFDOT Connect Frequently Asked Questions. -FAQ2021/09/22
New GeoTech Tools for FDOTConnectThis session will go over the GeoTech Data Manager (GDM) Place Boreholes Tool (Place 2d Borehole and 3D Borehole) Report of Borings Tool. --2021/08/10
BIM Cryptor ToolsThis video will review two new tools for signing and sealing BIM, Electronic Delivery or CADD files; with the July release of the FDOTConnect CADD software. --2021/08/10

FDOT Connect - OpenBridge Modeler

Getting Started with FDOT Connect OBM Webinar Series---2021/02/04

FDOT SS4 - MicroStation

CADD Bentley Create Subgrade TerrainThis webinar covers the upgrades to the Chapter 10 Creating 3D Deliverable Files of the FDOT Roadway Design and 3D Modeling CADD course guide with a focus on creating Subgrade Terrain. --2018/10/08
FDOTSS4 Profiles - Vertical AlignmentsThis presentation will focus on the OpenRoads Vertical Geometry tools. Specifically, a side by side comparison with the legacy GEOPAK Road VPI based “Profile Generator” tool will be demonstrated and the steps necessary to operate the new tools to replicate the old. PresentationQ&A2016/02/15
3D Roundabout ModelingThis presentation will include 3D modeling of a roundabout using SS4. Material will cover PGL design of approach; template application of approach road and roundabout; detailed modeling tools and techniques ; linear and transition template applications. PresentationQ&A2016/01/27
2D Roundabout Design with ...This presentation of roundabout design using MicroStation SS4 and Open Roads technology. Material will cover initial layout of roundabout including approach relationships built with design intent as well as demonstration of modifications made during analysis.
NOTE: This video is a reference to the “3D Roundabout Modeling” video!
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 13 Printing ToolsThis webinar is the 10th in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Learn about printing for FDOT plans. It covers printing from the MicroStation Print dialog, pdfs, print sets, and printing from MicroStation Print Organizer. -Q&A2016/11/02
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 12 Sheet NavigatorThis webinar is the 9th in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Learn how to use FDOT CADD tool Sheet Navigator. Topics include an overview of the tool, work flow, auto numbering and re-numbering, and editing sheets. CH 12 Sheet NavigatorQ&A2016/10/26
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 11 Quantities & ...This webinar is the 8th in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Learn about defining adhocs, generating quantities, and exporting to Quantity Manager through Design & Computation (D&C) Manager, Quantity Manager functionality, AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction workflow, and generating Tabulation of Quantities sheets through Linked Data Manager. CH 11 Quantities & ReportsQ&A2016/10/12
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 9 & 10 Lighting Tools ..This webinar is the 7th in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Learn how to use Design & Computation Manager, FDOT CADD resources, and other GEOPAK tools to create proposed lighting features for the Lighting Plans and Labeling tools. CH 9 & 10 Lighting Tools & ...Q&A2016/10/05
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 8 Signalization ToolsThis webinar is the 6th in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Learn how to use GEOPAK tools (Design & Computation (D&C) Manager, Draw Cell by Feature, Plan View Labeler) and FDOT resources to develop/design proposed signalization features for Signalization Plans.
Note: Chapter re-numbered from Ch 7 to Ch 8.
CH 8 Signalization ToolsQ&A2016/09/28
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 7 Signing ToolsThis webinar is the 5th in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Take a look at the tools and FDOT resources used to develop/design the proposed signs for the Signing & Pavement Marking plans. This will include DrawSIGN, GuidSign and placing notes & text.
Note: Chapter re-numbered from Ch 6 to Ch 7
CH 7 Signing ToolsQ&A2016/09/21
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 6 Pavement MarkingThis webinar is the 4th in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Learn how to use the GEOPAK tools and FDOT resources to develop/design proposed pavement marking for Signing & Pavement Marking Plans.
Note: Chapter re-numbered from Ch 5 to Ch 6.
CH 6 Pavement MarkingQ&A2016/09/14
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 5 Design ToolsThis webinar introduces the common design tools used in all the Traffic Plans disciplines. These include the Design & Computation Manager, 3pc Adhoc Attribute Manager, Draw Cell by Feature, and Draw Cell Group by Feature. CH 5 Design Tools-2016/11/07
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 3 Sheet Layout ...This webinar is the 3rd in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Learn how to create plans sheets using GEOPAK's Plan/Profile Sheet Composition tool using CADD resources to meet FDOT standards. We'll also look at resources provided to help in creating other special sheets needed for Traffic Plans components. CH 3 & Ch 4Q&A2016/09/07
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 2 Creating a ...This webinar is the 2nd in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. Learn how to create a Key Sheet for a component set up plans with and without a clipped map with all the required components per FDOT Standards. CH 2 Creating A Key SheetQ&A2016/08/24
FDOT Traffic Plans - Ch 1 IntroductionThis webinar is the introduction in a 10 part FDOT Traffic Plans webinar series. The FDOT Traffic Plans consist of Lighting, Signing, Pavement Markings, and Signalization. Topics include an overview of the courses, webinar series organization, FDOT workspace, and FDOT resources for the Traffic Plans Development workflows. CH 1 IntroductionQ&A2016/08/17
Conversion of FDOTSS4 MR2 ...This video outlines the step by step process of converting Survey Field Book information from FDOTSS4 MR2 and before to be compatible with FDOTSS4 MR3 Survey Field Book standards. Documentation-2017/05/03
FDOTSS4 Survey Tips and TricksFDOTSS4 Survey is not just a DGN, it is a complete survey. In this session we will show simple tricks and look deeper into the Survey Workflow to clean up field data, master building Terrain Models, and deliver to your customer exactly what is needed. -Q&A2016/08/10
FDOTSS4 Survey Labels & Point ...Bentley has provided a Survey Objects Macro with various functionality. This webinar will review the portion of the macro for linear feature description labeling, point feature elevation labeling and point feature rotation. All tailored to FDOTSS4 standards. PresentationQ&A2016/03/09
FDOTSS4 Curb and Gutter Maker Civil CellWebinar video on FDOTSS4 Curb and Gutter Maker Civil Cell. --2016/07/06
Civil Cells BasicsIn this session we will discuss the process of creating 2D and 3D civil cells from Civil Geometry. This is training on how to build a civil cell, the basic concepts and trial and error experience will be shared. PresentationQ&A2016/07/20

FDOT C3D - Civil 3D

FDOT Intersection Island Modeling This webinar will Walk through the process of developing a Proposed 3D Corridor model of a Traffic Island at an intersection and learn some techniques that may be used in the FDOT Civil 3D State kit. Session Objectives:

Evaluate a Proposed Design 3D Model Intersection(MODLRD##.dwg), Create new FDOT MODLRD##.dwg using the FDOT Create File application, Gather data and geometry required to develop 3D Island at proposed intersection, Surfaces, Alignments, and External Reference drawings for 2D linework, Create Civil 3D Feature Lines for Corridor targeting and assigning elevations,Create Assembly and Corridor that contain FDOT Island Curb Type E Returns, Create Multiple Surfaces that represent different pieces of a traffic Island, and Create Proposed Island Surface and Mesh/Paste with Final Finished Grade Surface using Data Short Cuts.
FDOT Code Set Styles This webinar will provides lessons on how FDOT State kit Civil 3D’s Code Set Styles enables you to manage the display of Cross Sections, 2D/3D Corridors and Assembly components by using a mapping system that maps Assembly and Subassembly codes to styles. Session Objectives:

What are Code Set Styles and what do they do?, What are the elements of a Subassembly and how they relate to a Code Set Style?, What objects can you set Code Set Styles to?, Where are they located in the Tool Space Pallett?, What Objects/Commands reference a Code Set Style?, and Editing/Copying and applying Code Set Styles.
FDOT Civil3D 2017 Cross Section Sheets This webinar will provide an overview of the process of Creating Cross Sections with a Material List that will calculate and list volumes in the Finished Section Sheets. Included in this session; Sample Line Groups, Section View Creation, FDOT Material List, Sheet Creation, and Data Shortcuts. -Q&A2017/06/29
FDOT Civil 3D - Dynamic ... This webinar gives an overview of using the FDOT Dynamic Civil Blocks within the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit. This webinar will demonstrate the current Dynamic Civil Blocks available in the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit. Will show how to use the blocks in your transportation design. Will create dynamic blocks to demonstrate the steps. Will demonstrate using the FDOT Multi Line Tool to create Roadway Line work with Pay Item Data already attached. Presentation-2016/07/19
FDOT Civil 3D Introduction ... This webinar touches on the introduction to using Data Shortcuts within the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit. This webinar will introduce the user on how to harness the power of Data Shortcuts within Civil 3D I will Demonstrate the functionality and proper use of Data Short Cuts within your FDOT project. Presentation-2016/07/12
FDOT Civil 3D 2016 Drainage Annotation Civil 3D has many automated labeling capabilities. This session will focus on Drainage Structure and Pipe Labels in Plan, Profile and Section Views. --2016/05/17
FDOT Civil 3D 2016 Drainage & ... This session will demonstrate using the FDOT Drainage parts that reside in the Civil 3D State Kit. Topics include general setup and layout of a pipe network plus editing in plan and profile views. --2016/05/10
FDOT Survey Webinars Dataset FDOT Survey Webinar series Dataset. --2016/05/03