Central Office Staff Directory

SectionNamePhone NumberTitle/Projects
AdministrationLora Hollingsworth,P.E.(850) 414-4177Chief Safety Officer
 Andrea Bass(850) 414-4199Office Operations Manager
 Shaynika Clark- Debose(850) 414-4203Traffic Safety Marketing Assistant 
 Erin McDade(850) 414-5228Safety PIO
Highway Safety GrantsChris Craig(850) 414-4009Traffic Safety Administrator

Adriane Liedy
(850) 414-4017Financial Specialist
 Amanda Chipman(850) 414-4055Financial Specialist
 Bettina Haye-Morrison(850) 414-4058Financial Specialist
 Sharayton Kalkai(850) 414-4441Financial Specialist
 Grace Lockhart(850) 414-4537Traffic Safety Administrative Support
 Ariel Napier(850) 414-4091Traffic Safety Administrative Support
 Juanita Williams
(850) 414-4026Traffic Safety  Operations Coordinator
 Edith Peters(850) 414-4043Traffic Safety Program Manager
 Charlton Bradley(850) 414-4207
Traffic Safety Program Manager
 Willem de Greef(850) 414-4048Traffic Safety Program Manager
 Brandy French (850) 414-4092Traffic Safety Program Manager
 Maura Andrews(850) 414-4025Traffic Safety Program Manager
 Rebecca Aragon(850)-414-4226Traffic Safety Program Manager
 Zach Sheffield(850)-414-4097Traffic Safety Program Manager
Crossing Guard TrainingDana Crosby
(850) 414-4023
School Crossing Guard Training Program

Safety EngineeringBrenda Young,P.E.(850) 414-4146Transportation Safety Engineer
 Rupert Giroux(850) 414-4072Crash Data/GIS
(850) 414-4098Safe Routes to School Coordinator
 Keith Myhre(850) 414-4176State Occupational Safety and Health Programs
Crash RecordsBenjamin Jacobs(850) 414-4007Crash Records & Research Administrator
 Jessica Lynn(850) 414-4024Crash Records & Research
 Brennan Blanchard(850) 414-4128Crash Records & Research
 Jessica Hill(850) 414-4075Crash Records & Research