Florida School Crossing Guard Training Program

In 1992, the Florida legislature passed the "Ramon Turnquest School Crossing Guard Act." This law (now incorporated in Section 316.75, F.S.) requires most local governmental entities that administer school crossing guard programs to train their guards according to Florida School Crossing Guard Training Guidelines [En Espanol] developed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The FDOT encourages local governmental entities and private schools with crossing guard programs not covered by the law to train their guards according to these Guidelines. Uniform training promotes the consistent, effective operation of guarded school crossings throughout the state.

Motor Vehicles - State Uniform Traffic Control 316.75 School crossing guards. —The Department of Transportation shall adopt uniform guidelines for the training of school crossing guards. Each local governmental entity administering a school crossing guard program shall provide a training program for school crossing guards according to the uniform guidelines. Successful completion of the training program shall be required of each school guard except for the following:

(1) A person who received equivalent training during employment as a law enforcement officer.
(2) A person who receives less than $5,000 in annual compensation in a county with a population of less than 75,000.
(3) A student who serves in a school patrol.

Upon contract, school crossing guard training programs may be made available to nonpublic schools.

History.—s. 2, ch. 92-194; s. 42, ch. 97-190.

Note.—Former s. 234.302.

2023 Florida Statutes

Crossing Guard Recruitment

About the Program

The Florida School Crossing Guard Training Program (FSCGTP) is designed to train and certify school crossing guard trainers (typically experienced guards or law enforcement).

Crossing Guard Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies register their people to participate.  Trainers then train and certify their local school crossing guards as outlined in the training guidelines. The program aims to establish school crossing guard guidance and provide standardized training to local agency trainers to ensure school crossing guards throughout the State of Florida understand proper crossing procedures and recognize and properly handle hazardous situations.

Crossing Guard agencies throughout the state register their staff to attend a training course developed and provided by The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Safety Office. The FDOT trainer training includes both classroom instruction and practical training.  The program offers statewide “train-the-trainer” training throughout the year, covering the state equitably. 

Attendees acquire background information and the knowledge and skills needed to administer a school crossing guard training program. Local governmental entities and those managing a school crossing guard program or training school crossing guards may contact the program administrator or log on to the Training Management Tool to inquire about trainer-training.  

Trainer Requirements 
Once registered by their agency, a prospective trainer must complete the FDOT-developed School Crossing Guard Trainer Certification course.  Attendees acquire background information and the knowledge and skills needed to present school crossing guard training. The training includes both classroom instruction and practical training.  A prospective trainer must pass the final written test with a minimum score of 85 percent and pass the practical training skill examination with all satisfactory marks.

School Crossing Guard Requirements
High standards for the selection of adult crossing guards are essential. To be considered for a position as a school crossing guard, a person should possess the following qualifications, among others outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (2009):

Per the requirements of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (2009) , candidates for a school crossing guard position will be evaluated for the following:

  • Good physical condition, including sight, hearing, and ability to move and maneuver quickly in order to avoid danger from errant vehicles;

  • Ability to control a STOP paddle effectively to provide approaching road users with a clear, straightforward view of the paddle’s STOP message during the entire crossing movement;

  • Ability to communicate specific instructions clearly and courteously;

  • Ability to recognize potentially dangerous traffic situations and warn and manage students in sufficient time to avoid injury.

  • Good character;

  • Dependability; and

  • An overall sense of responsibility for the safety of students.

In most cases, passing a physical examination and a criminal background check are conditions for employment as a School Crossing Guard.

Additionally, most local crossing guard training is subject to requirements and recommendations outlined in the Florida School Crossing Guard Training Guidelines. This training is conducted by a certified crossing guard trainer and includes three certification requirements: classroom instruction, practical training, and supervised duty. The training begins with classroom instruction followed by practical training.  As outlined in the Guidelines, the prospective guard must pass a final written test with a minimum score of 75 percent and pass a practical training skill examination. The final step towards guard certification requires completing “supervised duty” within four weeks of the guard’s assignment. A trainer observes whether the guard satisfactorily performs crossing skills at the guard's assigned post. Annual recertification is required for a continuing guard.

If you want to become a school crossing guard in Florida, you can contact your city, county agency, or private agency administering a school crossing guard program to learn more about their hiring needs and employment requirements. Often, a local law enforcement agency such as the municipal Police Department or county Sheriff’s Office administers the local crossing guard program and may be the best place to begin your search for crossing guard opportunities.

Florida School Crossing Guards are trained and certified in-house by the agency that employs them. 

Crossing Guard Program and Guard of the Year Awards

The FDOT annually recognizes a Florida School Crossing Guard Program and Guard of the Year to acknowledge superior accomplishments by local School Crossing Guard programs and personnel. Award recipients are announced on Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, the first Friday of each February.

•  Governor DeSantis Crossing Guard Appreciation Day Proclamation

•  FDOT Award Winners/Press Release  

• Submit your nominations here.


2022 Florida School Crossing Guard of the Year
Larry Miller (Left) and David W. Peterson( Right)

2022 Florida School Crossing Guard of the Year Extra Mile Award
Tom Bowser