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State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

STIP Amendments and Administrative Modifications

The STIP may be updated periodically throughout the course of the year for project additions, advancements, deletions and other types of modifications. These are accomplished either by a formal STIP Amendment or an "Administrative Modification":
  1. STIP Amendment - Before FHWA/FTA can approve a STIP Amendment the associated MPO's TIP must also be amended, if the project is within the geographic boundaries of the MPO. Generally, the MPO TIP may only be amended by a formal resolution of the MPO Executive Board. TIPs/STIP require formal amendments based on the following criteria:
    1. The change adds new individual projects to the current TIP/STIP;
    2. The change affects air quality conformity;
    3. The change adversely impacts financial constraint, including cost estimate increases of over 20% (but at least $2 million);
    4. The change results in major scope changes; and/or,
    5. The change removes or deletes an individually listed project from the TIP/STIP

    Additional information regarding TIP/STIP Amendments may be found in the Work Program Instructions (Part IV)

    Processing STIP Amendments

    The processing of TIP/STIP Amendments is accomplished by using one of the two following methods:
    1. Using the automated STIP Amendment application online at:

      STIP Amendments

      STIP Amendments are almost exclusively processed using the automated STIP Amendment application noted above.
    2. Manually processing a STIP Amendment

      There are rare occasions when the automated STIP Amendment application cannot accommodate certain projects being amended into the STIP. These projects generally are public-private partnerships (P3s) where the terms of the agreement with the private partner extend well beyond the four year window of the STIP. For public disclosure purposes these amendments are processed manually so that the full terms of the funding agreements can be shown.

      An example of such a project is I-595 in Broward County. This is a design-build-finance-operate-maintain P3 project for the reconstruction and resurfacing of the I-595 mainline, including the addition of auxiliary lanes and all associated improvements to adjacent cross-roads, frontage roads and ramps, and a new tolled express lanes system in the I-595 median. The agreement with the private partner is for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the facility, for which the private partner receives payments from FDOT over a 35 year contract period.

      These manually processed STIP amendments may be found at:

  2. Administrative Modification - Project changes which do not meet the criteria for a formal TIP/STIP Amendment may be accomplished by simply changing certain information on the project in the Adopted Work Program. Examples of changes which are considered "administrative modifications" include:
    1. Projects where the change in the cost estimate does not exceed 20% and $2 million;
    2. Projects where only the fund source changed, with no change in the project scope or cost.
    3. Projects which are advanced to Year 1 of the STIP from Years 2, 3 or 4 with no changes to funding source, cost or scope.
    4. Project scope changes where the change did not result in: (a) project length increases/decreases more than 20% AND more than 1/2 mile or (b) lanes added or improved increase/decrease more than 20%.

Online STIP Report

The following report is available showing an online version of both the STIP as adopted at the beginning of the federal fiscal year and the current state of the approved STIP. Select "Report Type" for either the "Current STIP" or the "Approved STIP".

  • The "Approved STIP" option shows project details as reflected in the static STIP document which was approved by FHWA as of October 1st each year.
  • The "Current STIP" option shows project details as reflected in the static STIP document which was approved by FHWA as of October 1st each year, plus:
    • Administrative Modifications – Project changes which do not meet the criteria for a formal TIP/STIP Amendment
    • Formal STIP Amendments – These are automatically included when a project is added or an existing project is changed and/or advanced from an outer year of the STIP by way of the automated STIP Amendment application. These types of changes/additions are shown in this "Current STIP" option when the change/addition is built in the STIP Amendment application even though FHWA has not yet approved the proposed change. There is no way to systematically prevent this from happening. Therefore, we have added a "warning flag" for each of these projects which have been amended but not yet approved by FHWA. For these project changes not yet approved by FHWA, the following message is shown on the project: "*** WARNING: The project detail for this project reflects a STIP Amendment which is currently in progress and is not yet approved by FHWA. This message will be removed when FHWA approves the pending STIP Amendment.***"

The "Current STIP" file is refreshed overnight to reflect any changes made the previous day.

The Online STIP Report may be found at: