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MPO's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Each Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in the state is required by Florida Statutes to have a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) which, as a component of this plan, must include a listing of projects planned for the next five fiscal years. MPOs are also required to have a similar TIP for federally funded projects for the next four years. Therefore, each MPO annually publishes a single five year document to satisfy both state and federal requirements.

Federal law requires each MPO TIP to be included without change in the STIP, directly or by reference. All projects in each MPO TIP which are financed with either state and/or federal funds are also included in the project detail listing in the STIP. Projects financed exclusively with local funds are not included in the project detail listing in the STIP. These local projects are included in the STIP by reference to the individual MPO TIPs in the annual transmittal letter from the Florida DOT submitting the STIP to FHWA for their review and approval. This transmittal letter, along with FHWA's approval of the annual STIP, may be found in the Statewide STIP document (PDF file) shown below. Any modifications to the MPO TIPs are incorporated by reference. Any amendments made are subsequently amended into the STIP per the STIP amendment process below.

Links to each of the various MPO's websites where their respective TIPs are located may be found on the Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC) website at: