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Federal Aid Management

State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Federal Advance Construction Program

Federal law allows states to request and receive prior federal approval to "pre-qualify" projects for federal participation at a later date when federal funds become available. These projects are initially financed with state funds and carry the "AC" designation in the STIP detail project listings. For example, projects which eventually will be converted to National Highway Performance Program funds will carry the "ACNP" fund code. Upon conversion, the project will be financed with National Highway Performance Program funds and will carry the "NHPP" fund code. AC funded projects are only converted to federal funds in the first year of the annually adopted STIP, and such conversions are limited by the amount of federal funds available for obligation in the first year of the STIP.

The STIP is fiscally constrained by year given the funding levels that are reasonably expected to be available over the time frame of the STIP. This fiscal constraint is demonstrated in the STIP Program Accomplishment Report (PAR).  This report includes a breakout, by major fund rollup category, of the estimated Advanced Construction (AC) conversions anticipated to be done each year to fully consume the annual Obligation Authority subject to lapse at each fiscal year end. For the FY2022/2023 state fiscal year, FDOT AC converted $1.53B of AC to federal funds, which is consistent with the $1.45B that was planned for AC conversion at the beginning of FY2022/2023. The expenditure based AC conversions are part of the overall FDOT finance plan and management of the State Transportation Trust Fund (STTF).