Florida's Highway Sign Library

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In June of 2002, in a statewide meeting, the District Traffic Operations Engineers along with the state Traffic Operations Engineer committed their offices to provide statewide uniformity for all signs installed on our State Highway System.

The purpose of this website is to share standardized and approved sign designs that are to be installed on the State Highway System. The following pages contain sign designs which have been approved for use by the State Traffic Operations Engineer. We will be adding additional sign designs to these pages as they are developed.

There are four different sign details available (.sgn, .dxf, .bmp, and .dgn) and some require specific software to open and view. For example, to open and view the .sgn format, you must have a registered copy of SignCad® Software installed on your computer. To properly view the .dxf file in a graphics format (not text) you must have a graphics program configured to open .dxf files.

To access the sign details, either click on the appropriate section at the top or to view an alphabetized list of the signs click the link below.

Alphabetized Listing of Florida's Sign Library 

Please click here for the FHWA's 2004 Standard Highway Signs Manual

For additional information please contact Chris Lewis at Chris.Lewis@dot.state.fl.us