Florida's Highway Regulatory Signs

5 BHP Prohibited Sign (Former FTP-30)

Limited Access Ramps (30"x30")
Pedestrian Bisycles Motor Vehicles less than 5 BHP Prohibited 



Bicycle Passing Clearance Sign


Give Bicycle 3 Feet Clearance sign



Fender Bender

Move Vehicles From Travel Lane (120"x54")

Florida Litter Law Sign

Limited Access (42"x48")
Non-limited Access (30"x36")
Minimum fine 100 

Florida Seatbelt and Child Restraint Law Sign

Limited Access (108"x72")
Non-limited Access (48"x36")
Child Restraint required by law 

Florida Seatbelt Law - Rest Area

Limited Access
Florida Laws 

HOV Lane Sign (R3-14a) (Preferential Only Lane Operation)

Limited Access (96"x72")
Limited Access (96"x84")
HOV 2+ only 


In-street Pedestrian Crossing Sign (FTP-86-21)


Smaller version of the standard R1-6a sign (9"x27")
Two axle vehicles only 

Standard Safety Belt Sign

Limited Access (36"x48")
Non-limited Access (24"x30")
Buckle Up its the law 

School Bus Regulation Sign

Stop This Roadway (36"x36")
All Traffic Both Directions (36"x36")
Stop while school buses load 

Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalks Sign


Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalks sign
 Stop while school buses load 

Turning Vehicles Stop for Pedestrians

Left Turning
Right Turning
Minimum fine 100 right turn

Traffic Infraction Detector (Traffic Signal Photo Enforced) Sign

Less than 40 MPH
40 MPH or greater
Photo Enforced 

Two-Axle Vehicles Only

Limited Access (156"x66")
Two axle vehicles only 

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