Florida has a wide history of successful truck lane restrictions throughout the state. Restrictions have been in place on I-95 in South Florida for 30 years, and 20 years on I-75 from the Florida/Georgia border to the Turnpike. Truck lane restrictions improve safety by reducing weaving maneuvers during passing to prevent truck conflicts and crashes with vehicles.


The current truck lane criterion in Florida includes 6-lane interstate freeways primarily consisting of rural interstate sections. Trucks are restricted from the left or inside travel lane, leaving it specifically for automobile traffic. Tour buses and recreational vehicles (RVs) are not considered commercial trucks and are allowed to travel in the left or inside travel lane.


Failure to follow truck lane restrictions is a violation of Florida Statute 316.074, with a minimum fine of $121 and three points assessed to the CDL (Commercial Driver License).


For an interactive map on where all truck lane restrictions are enforced see below or click here: Florida Truck Lane Restrictions Interactive Map (fdot.gov)



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Approved Safety Messages for DMS


For more information, click here: www.fdot.gov/traffic/trafficservices/dms/freeways.


For use only within the limits of a truck lane restriction.


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For additional information, please contact Marie Tucker at Marie.Tucker@dot.state.fl.us.