Freeways and Rural, Multi-lane Arterials

Approved safety messages for freeways and arterials:

if you drink don't drive stay alive
drive sober or get pulled over
don't drink and drive prevent a tragedy
don't text and drive arrive alive
report impaired drivers dial *347
no texting put it down it's the law
no texting put it down it can wait
don't text and drive be responsible
don't text and drive arrive alive
don't drive drowsy arrive alive
stay alert take safety break next plaza
driving alert can keep you safe
driving drowsy is dangerous
an alert drive can avoid a crash
driving drowsy rest area xx miles ahead.
report reckless drivers dial *347
keep safe distance stay safe
be visible no tailgating
don't tailgate keep a safe distance
click it or ticket
buckle up every child every trip
car seats save kids
click it or ticket with symbol
Seat belt save lives
Seat belt save lives
changing lanes use turn signals its the law
signal before changing lanes
slow down for vehicles on the shoulder
save a life slow down in work zones
fender bender move vehicles from travel lane
cover and secure your load its the law
phone down in work zone its the law
do not cross double white lines its the law
look twice for motorcycles ride responsibly
secure your load for safer roads
be safe just drive
motorcycle safety ride responsibly and be seen
motorcycle safety be smart be seen
save a life look twice for motorcycles
speeding cost money
speed limit enforced
speeding wrecks your day
obey speed limit
be tire smart check pressure and tread
move over for emergency vehicle its the law
move over slow down at crash scenes


More suitable for freeway and rural multi-lane arterial use:

slower traffic keep right its the law
slower traffic keep right minimum fine $121
roadway shoulder for emergency stopping only
keep right let others pass on left


For use only within the limits of a truck lane restriction:

no trucks left lane minimum fine $121
no trucks left lane its the law


For use with full-color matrix:

no trucks left lane minimum fine $121
no trucks left lane its the law
no trucks left lane minimum fine $121
no trucks left lane its the law