Frequently Asked Questions

Password Reset

Invalid User ID / Password or locked-out of account.

Normally your User ID/Login Name will be {first initial}{last name}. For assistance, password reset, account un-lock or similar request, send an email to

System or Technical Issues

What are the client computer requirements for running ITSFM?

  • A computer running Microsoft Windows.
  • A dependable high speed connection to the Internet – consistent connectivity is required.
  • **If there are any company policy, firewall, or other settings that prevent the download/execution of the new launcher small executable (Launch NexusWorx homepage link) for production and Training (accessed via the updated Launch NexusWorx), or prevents applications from accessing the local drive, they will need to be changed to allow local drive access.
  • For Google Earth use, install the latest version of Google Earth.
  • For Reports, the browser needs to be Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer 10.


Browser Messages

If you receive a warning for unknown executable or similar, select options to Allow or More Info - Run Anyway if available.  Please also try saving the executable to your Windows desktop before running it.  If a message is received preventing you from launching NexusWorx, your IT Network Support may be blocking it.  Please contact your IT support high priority and copy requesting them to allow the signed executable for all users.

For additional troubleshooting information, please also see

Internet Explorer:







Select Open, Keep, or OK then click on the NxWx...exe to run it.


Missing Desktop Icon

If you lose or misplace your ITSFM desktop icon, you can COPY the shortcut file from the install folder at:

Production: Documents\NexusWorx\nwapp3_fdot\

Training: Documents\NexusWorx\nweval3_fdottrain\

These are also just created shortcuts from the file in the corresponding file in the Documents\NexusWorx\launcher\folder.

Missing Attribute Dialog Box

If you attempt to open an edit/view attributes dialog box and it doesn’t show up on your active monitor, most likely the cause is a dual-monitor setup was used in one location or during one session, then in another session/location one of the monitors is missing from the configuration. In the software, if you move an attribute dialog then close it, the software remembers where that dialog was and the next time you load that attribute dialog it may open in the same location even if it’s not present. Some fixes have been implemented when that location monitor is no longer active, but sometimes the attribute dialog will still open off-screen. Follow these steps to bring the attribute dialog box to the active monitor:

  1. After you open and Attribute Review or Edit for a feature and do not see the attribute dialog
  2. Press Alt-Space, then M (for Move)
    1. This is a windows keystroke function to put the window into move
  3. After Alt-Space, M, then use the arrow keys to move the window
    1. If you think the window may be to the left where your other monitor was in a previous session location, hold down the Right Arrow key until the window moves into view on the active monitor
    2. Similary, if you think the window may be to the right, hold down the Left Arrow key until the window moves into view on the active monitor


To completely remove all ITSFM/NexusWorx from your computer, all that is needed is to DELETE the Documents\NexusWorx\folder.  To re-install, just go back to the ITSFM home page and click on the Launch NexusWorx again and it will automatically install itself again.

Feature Import Template

What version of Microsoft Excel is required to populate the import templates?

Excel 2010 or newer.

Why do I get a security error when the import template opens?

There are Macros and links within the templates that are required to perform properly. These are verified safe and secure as they were developed within the templates themselves.

Why are the drop-down menus all blank?

The Master Code List.XLSX (MCL) is not open. Make sure you are connected to the internet and click the MCL button located in the top left of the template on all the “Desc” tabs.

Why do I get an error that the ITSFM Master Code List.XLSX can’t be opened?

Make sure you are connected to the internet and try to refresh the MCL by clicking the MCL button located in the top left corner of each Desc tab within the template.

Why isn’t the manufacturer or model for my device listed in the drop-down menu?

Your discovery of the device is the first for the system and therefore the Master Code List (MCL) doesn’t have your particular device listed. You need to submit your device to the Central Office for entry into the MCL, including a cut sheet whenever possible.

Why do I need to use multiple templates for one location?

Each template is geared for a specific equipment, structure, or feature type. In order to use the import forms effectively, it’s necessary to break them up into a specific group type or the template would be too large and complicated to effectively utilize. To be more efficient, use the forms in a hierarchy manor consistently and you will find the manner in which you complete the Import Templates to be more easily completed and accurate.


For any addition questions, please contact