FDOT’s Wrong-Way Driving (WWD) Initiative

Wrong-way driving (WWD) crashes occur randomly and less frequently than other crash types, however, they often involve multiple vehicles, resulting in multiple fatalities and/or serious injuries. FDOT has installed the required DO NOT ENTER and WRONG WAY signs and pavement markings (wrong-way arrow, etc.) per the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), as well as the higher Signing and Pavement Marking Standards per FDM Section 230.4 and Roadway Design Bulletin 15-08/Traffic Operations Bulletin 03-15. FDOT has also been exploring various WWD countermeasure systems for warning wrong-way drivers, verification of the wrong-way vehicles and sending alerts to Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC)/ Traffic Management Center (TMC) upon detection of wrong-way vehicles.

FDOT conducted a statewide study and identified the off-ramps which could be associated with WWD crashes. The 1,447 off-ramps (1,282 service off-ramps and 165 system-to-system off-ramps) on the State Highway System were analyzed. Based on a risk analysis, 520 off-ramps were found to occur in the WWD hotspots. FDOT evaluated several countermeasures and found the LED highlighted WRONG WAY signs to be one of the most effective countermeasures to warn a wrong-way entering motorist, notify other motorists and send alerts to RTMC/TMC. FDOT intends to expedite the deployment of this advanced WWD countermeasure at the 520 off-ramps per Traffic Engineering and Operations Bulletin 19-03.


Wrong-Way Driving Research

For any additional information please contact Raj Ponnaluri at Raj.Ponnaluri@dot.state.fl.us.