Structures Design

For the Department’s policy on post-tensioned bridges, refer to the current:

FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction

Structures Manual

Design Standards

All files below are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format

Evaluation of High Density Polyethylene Ducts of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge (Aug 12, 2004)(2.0mb)

Test and Assessment of NDT Methods for Post-Tensioning Systems in Segmental Balanced Cantilever Concrete Bridge Report (Feb 15, 2003)(20mb)

Mid-Bay Bridge Post-Tensioning Evaluation Final Report w/ Appendices (Oct 10, 2001)(97mb)

“New Directions for Florida Post-Tensioned Bridges” does not represent FDOT policy. 

The information contained in Volumes 1 through 10, includes research, development, and opinions for improving the durability of post-tensioned tendons.  This information is being used by the Department to modify current specifications, policies, and procedures for post-tensioned bridges.

New Directions for Florida Post-Tensioned Bridges

   Volume 1: Post-Tensioning in Florida Bridges  
                   (Feb 15, 2002)(2.7mb)
   Volume 2: Design & Construction Inspection of Precast Segmental Balanced Cantilevered Bridges
                   (Sept 1, 2002)(4.1mb)
   Volume 3: Design & Construction Inspection of Precast Segmental Span-By-Span Bridges
                   (Sept 1, 2002)(3.3mb)
   Volume 4: Design & Construction Inspection of Precast Concrete Spliced I-Girder Bridges
                   (Sept 1, 2002)(2.5mb)
   Volume 5: Design & Construction Inspection of Cast-In-Place Segmental Balanced Cantilever Bridges
                   (Sept 1, 2002)(2.1mb)
   Volume 6: Design & Construction Inspection of Bridges Cast-In-Place On Falsework
                   (Sept 1, 2002)(2.2mb)
   Volume 7: Design & Construction Inspection of Post-Tensioned Substructures
                   (Sept 1, 2002)(1.5mb)
   Volume 8: Design & Construction Inspection of Transverse Post-Tensioning Of Superstructures
                   (Sept 1, 2002)(.9mb)
   Volume 9: Condition Inspection and Maintenance of Florida Post-Tensioned Bridges
                   (March 22, 2003)(6.8mb)
   Volume 10A: Load Rating Post-Tensioned Concrete Segmental Bridges
(October 8, 2004)(1.6mb)
   Volume 10B: Load Rating Post-Tensioned Concrete Beam Bridges
(October 8, 2004)(1.1mb)

The following manuals have been re-organized and superseded by the above manuals.
   Volume 2 of 5: Design & Detailing of Post-Tensioning in Florida Bridges
       (Feb 18, 2002)(4.1mb)
   Volume 3 of 5: Construction Inspection of Florida Post-Tensioned Bridges
       (Feb 21, 2002)(3.5mb)
   Volume 4 of 5: Condition Inspection & Maintenance of Florida PT. Bridges
       (Mar 22, 2002)(6.8mb)

Post-Tensioning Grout Bleed, Duct, & Anchorage Protection Test (Final Report)
       (November, 2002)(4.9mb)
Post-Tensioning Grout Bleed, Duct, & Anchorage Protection Test (Draft)
       (February 20, 2002)(214kb)

Galvanic Testing of Stressed Strands Inside Carbon Steel Pipe: Final Report
   (Jan 3, 2002) (337kb)
Structures Research Lab Report on Corroded Strand Strength (575kb)

Structures Design Office Paper on Debonded PT Cable Detensioning (354kb)

Post Tensioned Bridge Walk Through Inspections