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FDOT Structures Manual

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Archived Structures Manuals

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Structures Manual Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions

2020 Structures Manual Revision History

Volume 1 - Structures Design Guidelines (SDG)

Volume 1 Structures Design Guidelines
  SDG Appendix 1A
  SDG Appendix 8A
  SDG Appendix 8B
  SDG Appendix 8C
  SDG Appendix 8D
  SDG Appendix 8E
  SDG Appendix 8F

Volume 2 - Structures Detailing Manual (SDM)

Volume 2 Structures Detailing Manual
  Structures Detailing Manual Examples [External Link]

Volume 3 - FDOT Modifications to LRFDLTS-1 

Volume 3 FDOT Modifications to LRFDLTS-1

Volume 4 - Fiber Reinforced Polymer Guidelines (FRPG) 

Volume 4 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Guidelines

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To manually download the Structures Manual:

Save the PDF files to a computer or server location following the steps below. Note that the executable download version of the Structures Manual is the preferred method of delivery. Contact your local IT support specialist for guidance.

  1. Create a folder named: "2020 StructuresManual", (include only the text and underbars between the " " quote marks).
  2. Open each PDF file from the links above and select "save as", to save the file in the folder created in step 1.
  3. DO NOT change the file or folder names, as this will cause the links to malfunction. The folder/file structure specified above replicates the folder structure and format provided in the executable, allowing the links to function properly.
  4. If desired, a shortcut may be created to link to the Structures Manual Introduction PDF, which will then operate much like the downloaded .exe version. Otherwise, the PDF files can be accessed from the 2020 Structures Manual folder. Icon image
Note that saving the files in this fashion will not automatically create the FDOT Structures Manual shortcut icon on your desktop or start menu. Once downloaded, if any modifications are made to the files they are no longer considered an official document. The only accepted official version of the Structures Manual is the original document(s) that are provided on the Structures Manual Website.