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The Transportation Data and Analytics Office has produced the following handbook to provide a comprehensive description of the roadway features and characteristics data stored in the Department's Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) database. The handbook includes standards and guidelines for those District Offices responsible for collecting general interest roadway data. For questions regarding specific features, please select the appropriate contact link (e.g. Transportation Data & Analytics) to the right of the feature title series group.

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 Nov 2019RCI Features & Characteristics eBook - 2016
(Handbook does not include new changes, please see RCI Features and Characteristic Interim Updates below)


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 Nov 2019RCI Features and Characteristics Interim Updates
(Only contains Interim Updates in new Handbook format)
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 Nov 2019Log of Changes727 KB 
  Handbook Cover223 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Mar 2017Handbook References44 KB 
 Oct 2016Acknowledgements44 KB 
 Oct 2016Table of Contents44 KB 
  Introduction37 KB 
 Nov 2019Features Descriptions 354 KB 
  Sample Feature/Characteristics Page181 KB 
111State Road System79 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  STROADNO - State Road Number  
  STRDNUM2 - Secondary State Road Number  
112Federal System385 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  FAHWYSYS - Federal Highway System Code  
  NHSCID - National Highway System Connector  
 Nov 2019NHSDATE - NHS Date  
  OLDFASYS - Old Federal Highway System  
  SPECSYS - Special Systems  
  STGHWNWK - Strategic Highway Network Code  
  TRAVLWAY - Travel Way Along Roadway  
113AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials47 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  USROUTE - US Route Number  
  USROUTE2 - Secondary US Route Number  
114Local System189 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  LOCALNAM - Local Name of Facility  
115Special Designations444 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019SCENEHWY - Scenic Highway Designation  
 Nov 2019SCENEDTE - Scenic Highway Designation Date  
  SCENEEXT - Scenic Highway Designation Extension  
118HPMS - Highway Performance Monitoring System2,955 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019ATGROTHR - Other or No control At-Grade Intersections  
 Nov 2019ATGRSIG - Signals At-Grade Intersections  
 Nov 2019ATGRSTOP - Stop Signs At-Grade Intersections  
 Nov 2019ATGRTYPE - At-Grade Type - First or Last  
  CURCLASx - Curves by Class (x=A-F)  
  GRACLASX - Grades by Class (x=A-F)  
 Nov 2019HORALADQ - Horizontal Alignment Adequacy  
  HPMSIDNO - HPMS Sample ID Number  
 Nov 2019LOADTDEV - HPMS Sample Type  
 Nov 2019PEAKLANE - Number of Lanes in Peak Direction Peak Hour  
  SIGPREV - Prevailing Type of Signalizations  
 Nov 2019SIT1500 - % of Passing Sight Distance >=1500 feet  
  TERRAIN - Type of Land Terrain  
 Nov 2019TURNLANL - Turn Lane Left  
  TURNLANR - Turn Lane Right  
  TYPEOP - Type of Parking  
 Nov 2019VRTALADQ - Vertical Alignment Adequacy  
 Nov 2019WIDEFEAS - Is Widening Feasible  
 Nov 2019WIDOBST - Widening Obstacles - A through G, and X  
 Nov 2019WIDPOTNL - Widening Potential Lanes  
119HPMS - Universe729 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  BASETHIK - HPMS Base Course Thickness  
  BASETYPE - HPMS Base Type  
  FLEXTHIK - HPMS Thickness of Flexible Pavements  
 Nov 2019HOVNUMLN - Number of Associated Managed Lanes  
 Nov 2019HOVTYPE - Type of Associated Managed Lanes Operation  
  IRIDATE - International Roughness Index Collection Date  
  OVRYTHIK - HPMS Last Overlay Thickness  
 Nov 2019RAMPFC - Ramp Federal Category  
 Nov 2019RIGDTHIK - Thickness of Rigid Pavement  
 Nov 2019SURFACTP - Surface Type  
 Nov 2019TOLLCHGS - Toll Charges  
 Nov 2019TOLLTYPE - Toll Type  
 Nov 2019YRCONST - Year of Last Construction  
 Nov 2019YRIMPT - Year of Last Improvement  
120Type of Road307 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  RTESGNCD - Route Signing  
  TYPEROAD - Type of Road  
121Functional Classification39 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  FUNCLASS - Functional Classification  
  PROFUNCL - Proposed Functional Classification  
122Facility Classification491 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019OWNAUTH - Owning Authority  
  RDACCESS - Access Control Type  
 Nov 2019TOLLNAME - Name of Toll Facility  
  TOLLROAD - Toll Road Flag  
124Urban Classification698 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  HWYLOCAL - Highway Location Code  
 Nov 2019MPOAREA - Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Area  
 Nov 2019PLACECD - Census Place (City) Code  
 Oct 2016URBAREA - Urban Area Number  
  URBSIZE - Urban Size  
125Adjacent Land Classification78 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  LANDUSE - Prevailing Type of Land Use  
  ROUGHIND - Pavement Roughness Index  
Preliminary Context Classification299 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019CCTXTCLS - Preliminary Current Context Classification  
 Nov 2019FCTXTCLS - Future Context Classification  
 Nov 2019CCTXTDTE - Preliminary Current Context Classification Date  
 Nov 2019FCTXTCLS - Future Context Classification Date  
137Maintenance Area Boundary48 KBMaintenance
  CCNUMBER - Cost Center Number  
138Roadway Realignment80 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  NALIGNDT - New Alignment Date  
  NALIGNID - Section/Sub-section of New Alignment  
  NALNBGPT - New Alignment Begin MP  
  NALNENPT - New Alignment End MP  
139New Alignment67 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  OALIGNID - Section/Sub-section of Old Alignment  
  OALNBGPT - Old Alignment Begin MP  
  OALNENPT - Old Alignment End MP  
140Section Status Exception361 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  OSDATE - On or Off-System Date  
  STATEXPT - Segment Status  
141Stationing Exceptions69 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  BEGSECPT - Begin Section Milepoint of Exception Field  
  ENDSECPT - End Section Milepoint of Exception Field  
  RDWYID - County, Section, Sub-section  
142Managed Lanes1,088 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  Managed Lanes Summary, Coding and Cases  
  CMLBMP - Composite Managed Lane Begin Milepoint  
  CMLEMP - Composite Managed Lane End Milepoint  
  CMLRDWY - Composite Managed Lane Roadway ID  
  LMLBMP - Left Managed Lane Begin Milepoint  
  LMLEMP - Left Managed Lane End Milepoint  
  LMLRDWY - Left Managed Lane Roadway ID  
  MAINBMP - Mainline Begin Milepoint  
  MAINEMP - Mainline End Milepoint  
  MAINRDWY - Mainline Roadway ID  
  RMLBMP - Right Managed Lane Begin Milepoint  
  RMLEMP - Right Managed Lane End Milepoint  
  RMLRDWY - Right Managed Lane Roadway ID  
143Associated Station Exception52 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  BEGSECPT - Begin Section Milepoint of Exception Field  
  ENDSECPT - End Section Milepoint of Exception Field  
  RDWYID - County, Section, Sub-section  
146Access Management161 KBSystems Implementation
  ACMANCLS - Access Management Classification  
147Strategic Intermodal System573 KBSystems Implementation
 Nov 2019SISFCTPx - SIS Facility Type Level (x=1-9)  
  SISMPIDx - SIS Facility Map ID Level (x=1-9)  
212Thru Lanes352 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  NOLANES - Number of Roadway Lanes  
  SURWIDTH - Pavement Surface Width  
213Auxiliary Lanes346 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019AUXLNTYP - Auxiliary Lane Type  
  AUXLNUM - Number of Auxiliary Lanes  
  AUXLNWTH - Average Auxiliary Lane Width  
214Outside Shoulders332 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  MLTRFSEP - Managed Lane Separator  
  SHLDTYPE - Highway Shoulder Type  
  SHLDTYPx - Highway Shoulder Type (x=2,3)  
  SLDWIDTH - Highway Shoulder Width  
  SHLDWTHx - Highway Shoulder Width (x=2,3)  
215Medians1,399 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019MDBARTYP - Type of Median Barrier  
  MEDWIDTH - Highway Median Width  
 Nov 2019RDMEDIAN - Highway Median Type  
  RDMEDIAN (For informational purposes only) - Type of Median  
216Bike Lanes/Pedestrian Facilities798 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  BIKELNCD - Bicycle Lane  
 Nov 2019BIKESLTCD - Bicycle Keyhole Lanes  
  SDWLKBCD - Sidewalk Barrier Code  
  SHARDPTH - Shared Path Width & Separation  
  SIDWLKWD - Sidewalk Width & Separation  
217Sidewalks204 KBMaintenance
  SIDEWALK - Sidewalk Width  
219Inside Shoulders206 KBTransportation Data and Analytics
  ISLDTYPE - Inside Shoulder Type  
  ISLDTYPx - Inside Shoulder Type (x=2,3)  
  ISLDWDTH - Inside Shoulder Width  
  ISLDWTHx - Inside Shoulder Width (x=2,3)  
220Non Curve Intersection Point59 KBTransportation Data and Analytics
  NCPTINT - Non Curve Point of Intersection  
221Horizontal Curve314 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  BEARING - Compass Bearing  
  HRZCANGL - Horizontal Curve Central Angle  
  HRZDGCRV - Horizontal Degree of Curve  
  HRZPTINT - Horizontal Point of Intersection  
230Surface Description277 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019PAVECOND - Pavement Condition  
  PAVINDEX - Pavement Index  
  SURFNUM - Pavement Surface Type  
232Surface Layers313 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  FRICTCSE - Friction Course  
  SURFLxTH - Pavement Surface Thickness (x=1-7)  
 Nov 2019SURFLAYx - Pavement Surface Layer (x=1-7)  
233Base171 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  BASETHK - Roadway Base Thickness  
 Nov 2019TYPEBASE - Type of Roadway Base Material  
241Crossdrains468 KBMaintenance
  Crossdrain General Info  
  BOXCULHT - Box Culvert Height  
  BOXCULLT - Box Culvert Width  
  BXCULGTH - Box Culvert Length  
  NOBXCULV - Number of Box Culverts  
  CRSDRLGH - Length of Crossdrain Pipes  
  NOCRDRAN - Number of Crossdrain Pipes  
  PIPEDIAM - Pipe Diameter  
  PIPEHIGH - Non-Circular Pipe Height  
 Nov 2019 PIPETYPE - Type of Pipe  
  PIPEWDTH - Non-Circular Pipe Width  
242Storm Sewers172 KBMaintenance
  Storm Sewer Summary  
  INLETS - Number of Curb Inlets  
  MANHOLES - Number of Manholes  
  MDITCBAS - Number of Catch Basins  
243Off Roadway Areas172 KBMaintenance
  Off Roadway Summary  
  BORRPITS - Number of Borrow Pits  
  MITARACR - Mitigation Area  
  RETAREAS - Number of Retention Areas  
  SEDBASIN - Number of Sediment Basins  
245Roadside Ditches155 KBMaintenance
  Roadside Ditches Summary  
  FRDRNLEN - French Drain Roadside Ditch Length  
  PAVDTLEN - Paved Roadside Ditch Length  
  STMSWLEN - Storm Sewer Roadside Ditch Length  
  TRKLNLEN - Trunk Line Roadside Ditch Length  
248Outfall Ditches290 KBMaintenance
  Outfall Ditches Summary  
  ODITHAND - Outfall Ditch by Hand Length  
  ODITHAUL - Outfall Ditch by Hauled Length  
  ODITPAVE - Outfall Ditch by Length Paved  
  ODITPIPE - Outfall Ditch by Length Piped  
  ODITSPR - Outfall Ditch Spread Length  
251Intersection404 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  BEGSECNM - Begin Roadway Section Milepoint Description  
  ENDSECNM - End Roadway Section Milepoint Description  
  INTSDIRx - Intersection Direction (x=1-9)  
  INTSRTPx - Intersection Surface Type (x=1-9)  
252Interchanges456 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  CROSRDNM - Crossing Roadway Name  
  EXITNO - Interchange/Exit Number  
  INTERCHG - Type of Interchange  
253Railroads201 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  CHKDIGIT - Check Digit  
  RRCROSNO - National Railroad (RR) Grade Crossing Number  
256Turnouts167 KBMaintenance
  Turnouts Summary  
  TRNOTPNP - Paved Turnouts Without Pipe  
  TRNOTPPI - Paved Turnouts With Pipe  
  TRNOTUNP - Unpaved Turnouts Without Pipe  
  TRNOTUPI - Unpaved Turnouts With Pipe  
  WSTRNPNP - Average Width Turnout, Paved, No Pipe  
  WDTRNPPI - Average Width Turnout, Paved, With Pipe  
  WDTRNUNP - Average Width Turnout, Unpaved, No Pipe  
  WDTRNUPI - Average Width Turnout, Unpaved, With Pipe  
257Crossovers70 KBMaintenance
  CROVERLG - Length of Crossover  
258Structures447 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  BOXCULNO - Box Culvert Number  
  BRIDGENO - Bridge Number  
  FACCROSS - Facility Crossed  
  TUNNELNO - Tunnel Number  
  UNDPASNO - Underpass Number  
271Guardrail171 KBMaintenance
  Guardrail Summary  
  BARRWALL - Barrier Wall Length  
  DBLGRAIL - Double Face Guardrail Length  
  SPCGRAIL - Miscellaneous Guardrail Length  
  STDGRAIL - Standard Guardrail Length  
272Fencing138 KBMaintenance
  Fencing Summary  
  CHNLKFCS - Number of Chain Link Fences  
  MISCFCS - Length of Miscellaneous Fences  
  OTHERFCS - Number of Other Types of Fences  
  WOVENFCS - Number of Woven Wire Fences (aka Hog Wire)  
273Cable Barriers184 KBMaintenance
  CABLBRTY - Cable Barrier Type  
  CABLWIRE - Number of Cable Wires  
275Miscellaneous Concrete Structures161 KBMaintenance
  Miscellaneous Concrete Structures Summary  
  NOISBARR - Noise Barrier Wall  
  RETWALL - Retaining Wall Length  
  SEAWALL - Seawall Length  
  SLOPEPAV - Slope Pavement Area Concrete  
  SLOPERIP - Slope Paving Area Rip-Rap  
311Speed Limits310 KBTraffic Engineering & Operations
  Speed Limit Summary  
  DTESZAPP - Date Speed Zone Approved  
  DTESZIMP - Date Speed Zone Implemented  
 Nov 2019MAXSPEED - Maximum Speed Limit  
  MINSPEED - Minimum Speed Limit  
312Turning Restrictions98 KBTraffic Engineering & Operations
  DTETMAPP - Date Turning Movement Approved  
  DTETMIMP - Date Turning Movement Implemented  
  LMTRSTRC - Limited Turn Restriction Time  
  TURNMOVE - Turning Movement Restriction  
313Parking35 KBTraffic Engineering & Operations
  DTEPKAPP - Date Parking Approved  
  DTEPKIMP - Date Parking Restriction Implemented  
  PKRSTIME - Parking Restriction Time  
  TYPEPARK - Type of Roadway Parking  
320Mile Marker Signs74 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  MILEMARK - Mile Marker Sign  
322Signals33 KBTraffic Engineering & Operations
  MAINTAGC - Maintaining Agency Name  
  SDESTRET - Side Street Name  
  SIGNALID - Signal Cabinet ID Number  
  SIGNALNC - Non-counted Signal  
  SIGNALTY - Type of Traffic Signal  
  SIGOPDTE - Date Signal Operational  
  SIGSTRCT - Type of Signal Structure  
  TYPECABL - Type of Cable Connection  
323School Zones76 KBTraffic Engineering & Operations
  SCHLNAME - School Name  
  SCHLPED - School Speed Zone  
326Traffic Monitoring Sites312 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  TRFSTANO - Traffic Station Number  
 Nov 2019TRSTATYP - Traffic Station Type  
330Traffic Flow Break Stations296 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019FLWBRKID - Count Station Assigned to Break  
TRFBRKCD - Traffic Break Code  
331Traffic Flow Breaks407 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
 Nov 2019AADTDATE - Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Date  
 Nov 2019AADTTYPE - Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Type  
 Nov 2019AVGDFACT - Roadway Section Average D Factor  
 Nov 2019AVGKFACT - K Factor  
 Nov 2019AVGTFACT - Section Average T Factor  
 Nov 2019SECTADT - Section Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)  
341Lighting System27 KBMaintenance
  Lighting System Summary  
  LOCOWNER - Owner of Local Luminaries  
  NOALMPOL - Number of Aluminum Poles  
  NOCONPOL - Number of Concrete Poles  
  NOFIBPOL - Number of Fiberglass Poles  
  NOHMSLUM - Number of High Mast Luminaries  
  NOLOCLUM - Luminaries Under Local Agreement  
  NOOTHPOL - Number of High Mast Poles  
  NOSGMLUM - Number of Sign Luminaries  
  NOSTDLUM - Number of Standard Luminaries  
  NOSTLPOL - Number of Steel Poles (not to include high mast)  
  NOUDKLUM - Number of Underdeck Luminaries  
  NOWODPOL - Number of Wood Poles  
360Toll Plazas145 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  TOLPLZNM - Toll Plaza Name  
361Service Plazas41 KBTransportation Data & Analytics
  SVCPLZNM - Service Plaza Name  
411Roadside Mowing123 KBMaintenance
  Roadside Mowing Summary  
  INMACHMW - Intermediate Machine Mowing  
  RDSDMOW - Roadside Mowing Area (Large)  
  SLOPEMOW - Slopes Mowable Area  
  SMMACMOW - Small Machine Mowing Area  
412Weed Control156 KBMaintenance
  Weed Control Summary  
  HANDCUT - Hand Cut Area  
  MWEEDCTL - Mechanical Weed Control Area  
  OBSPRAY - Obstruction Spraying Area  
413Landscape Area188 KBMaintenance
  Landscape Area Summary  
  BOLDLAND - Bold Landscaping  
  LANDSCPE - Landscape Area  
421Roadside Ditch Cleaning177 KBMaintenance
  Roadside Ditch Cleaning Summary  
  RDCANALS - Number of Roadside Canals  
  RDITEXCA - Number of Roadside Ditches (Excavator)  
422Median Ditch Cleaning92 KBMaintenance
  Median Ditch Cleaning Summary  
  MDITHEXC - Number of Median Ditches (Excavator)  
  MDITPAVE - Number of Median Ditches (Paved)  
  MDITPIPE - Number of Median Ditches (Piped)  
431Parks & Rest Areas164 KBMaintenance
  Parks & Rest Areas Summary  
  RSTAREAS - Number of Rest Areas Without Facilities  
  RSTARFAC - Number of Rest Areas With Facilities  
  WAYSDPKS - Number of Wayside Parks  
  WEIGHSTA - Number of Weigh Stations  
  WELCMSTA - Number of Welcome Stations  
443Delineators175 KBMaintenance
  Delineators Summary  
  BRDELIN - Number of Bridge End Delineators  
  DELINEAT - Number of Guide Posts/Hazard Marker Delineators  
451Striping416 KBMaintenance
 Nov 2019Striping Summary  
  DBLELINE - Number of Stripes - Double White or Yellow  
  SKIPLINE - Number of Stripes - Skip White or Yellow  
  SKIPWHBK - Number of Stripes - Skip White With Black  
  SNGLLINE - Number of Stripes - Single White or Yellow  
452Symbols & Messages584 KBMaintenance
  Symbols & Messages Summary  
  CRSHATCH - Crosshatching Area  
  CURBMARK - Curb Marking Area  
  PNTARROW - Number of Arrows  
  PNTLETTR - Number of Letters  
 Nov 2019RADIUSMK - Radius Marking Area  
453Cross Walks151 KBMaintenance
  Crosswalks Summary  
  CRWALK24 - Number of 24 Foot Crosswalks  
  CRWALK36 - Number of 36 Foot Crosswalks  
  CRWALK48 - Number of 48 Foot Crosswalks  
  CRWALK60 - Number of 60 Foot Crosswalks  
  CRWALK72 - Number of 72 Foot Crosswalks  
454Stop Bars180 KBMaintenance
  Stop Bars Summary  
  STOPBR12 - Number of 12 Foot Stop Bars  
  STOPBR18 - Number of 18 Foot Stop Bars  
  STOPBR24 - Number of 24 Foot Stop Bars  
  STOPBR36 - Number of 36 Foot Stop Bars  
  STOPBR48 - Number of 48 Foot Stop Bars  
455Raised Pavement Markers99 KBMaintenance
  Raised Pavement Markers Summary  
  PAVTMARK - Number of Raised Pavement Markers  
460Attentuators699 KBMaintenance
  Attenuators Summary  
  ATCONDTN - Attenuator Condition  
  ATINSPEC - Attentuator Inspection Date  
  ATREPAIR - Attentuator Repair Date  
  ATRMRKS1 - Attentuator Remarks - 1  
  ATRMRKS2 - Attentuator Remarks - 2  
  ATTLOCCD - Attentuator Location  
  ATTMODEL - Attentuator Model Number  
 Nov 2019ATTYPECD - Attenuator Type  
  ATTYPINS - Attentuator Inspection Type  
 Oct 2016VEHDIRCD - General Vehicular Direction  
480Highway Signs475 KBMaintenance
  Highway Signs Summary  
  CANTSTR - Number of Cantilever Structures  
  CNPANG30 - Number of Construct Panels Overhead and Ground Greater   
  GRPSTG30 - Number of Ground Sign Posts Greater than 30 Square Feet  
  GRPSTL30 - Number of Ground Sign Posts Less than 30 Square Feet  
  OVRLNSTR - Number of Full Overlane Structures  
  PANLLT30 - Ground Panels Less than 30 Square Feet  
481Highway Maintenance Classification69 KBMaintenance
  HIWMNCLS - Highway Maintenance Classification  
801SUN Trails573 KBSystems Planning
 Nov 2019SUNTRTYP - SUN Trails Type  
 Nov 2019SUNTRCOR - SUN Trails Corridor Name  
901Rail Line Facility179 KBRail & Motor Carrier Operations
  RRCLASST - Railroad Class Type  
  RRCONAME - Railroad Company Name  
  RRLINETP - Railroad Line Type  
  RROUTEID - Railroad Route ID  
  RSISFIDx - Railroad Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Facility ID Level   
  RSISFTPx - Railroad Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Facility Type Level (x=1-9)  
902Passenger Rail63 KBRail & Motor Carrier Operations
  RRPASSER - Railroad Managing Entity  
  RRMANENT - Railroad Passenger  
903Railroad Passenger Station Name93 KBRail & Motor Carrier Operations
  RPASTNAM - Railroad Passenger Station Name  
  RRMANENT - Railroad Urban Fixed Guideway Facility Type  
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  1. Florida Department of Transportation - District Map99 KB 
  2. County Numbers Alphabetical/Numerical29 KB 
  3. District Counties Codes - Alphabetical/Numerical32 KB 
 Oct 20164. Features by Owning Office16 KB 
 Oct 20165. Features by Type16 KB 
 Oct 20166. Features - Alphabetical17 KB 
 Oct 20167. Characteristics Listing - Alphabetical65 KB 
  8. U.S. Postal Standard Street Suffixes44 KB 
  9. Glossary64 KB