Multimodal Data System Program

Vision: Promoting Florida's multimodal business intelligence and economic competitiveness through collaborative development of multimodal data resources, used to sustain Florida's strategic multimodal investments.

Mission: Identify, coordinate and establish data efficiencies of Department multimodal data and technology for programs, studies, plans, models and databases.

Program Goals:
  1. Provide Consistent and Effective Access, Collection, and Reporting of Multimodal Data
  2. Integrate Multimodal Data Resources in FDOT Operations and Planning Offices
  3. Coordinate Data Investments and Improvements
  4. Provide Training and Awareness of Data, Datasets, Tools, and Models:
  • Strategy 1: Provide standardized data analytics, products, and services for quick and consistent reporting
  • Strategy 2: Provide and promote education and communication tools to ensure FDOT multimodal personnel, decision-makers, and external stakeholders are aware of resources
  • Strategy 3: Work directly with District Freight Coordinators on regional multimodal data and research needs, and opportunities for partnership and innovation.
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has a long history of collecting and utilizing transportation data for its planning and asset management activities. Whether it is the annual collection of traffic counts or the statewide purchase of commodity and mobile device data, FDOT has made data and its derived findings the foundation of decision making.

The Multimodal Freight Data Sources and Applications publication covers various freight based topics: freight movements, traffic characteristics inventory, dataset comparisons, commodity flows and more.

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Freight Data Source Profiles
    For additional information or to submit a data request, please contact: 
    Transportation Data Inventory
    Florida Department of Transportation
    Transportation Data and Analytics Office
    605 Suwannee St., MS 27
    Tallahassee, FL 32301
    (850) 414-4848