2020 Census Roadway Update Process

On a decennial basis (every 10 years) following every Census, FDOT in coordination with FHWA and local partners are required to update Urban Boundary and Functional Classification for the State of Florida. The Transportation Data and Analytics (TDA) Office acquires the U.S. Census population and urban boundary data for 2020 to develop maps with the appropriate projection and content for distribution. TDA compiles the boundaries into a statewide GIS layer, resolving data conflicts such as overlaps and gaps between District boundaries.

The Districts and local partners use this information for coordination purposes and to adjust or smooth the 2020 Urban Area boundaries around current land use conditions. These adjustments are reviewed by Central Office before they are submitted for approval by FHWA.

The Districts also work with local partners to inventory roadways and update existing roadways in the Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) system with proposed functional classifications in relation to the urban area boundaries for FDOT and HPMS data reporting systems. These roadways are reviewed following the urban area boundary adjustment process and are submitted to FHWA for review and approval. The Functional Classification of roadways are critical for Federal-Aid eligibility (roadways, bridges, and transit projects) and are assigned into systems according to the character of service they provide in relation to the total roadway network, e.g., principal arterials, minor collectors, etc.

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Spring 2022 is the estimated start date for State DOTs and MPOs to start smoothing these boundaries and to update functional classifications. FHWA is currently working on updating the 2013 Functional Classification guidebook and providing webinar instructions for the 2020 process. The Census is updating their issues FAQs.




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