Florida Federal Aid Systems

Federal Aid Roads are those on the National Highway System (NHS) or functionally classified as Urban Collector / Rural Major Collector, or higher. They are eligible for federal aid from the Federal Highway Administration for disaster recovery and other purposes. We update reports and maps on Federal Aid Roads monthly, using data in the Department's Roadway Characteristics Inventory.

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Reports and Maps

The Federal Aid Road Report includes mile-by-mile data on federal aid status, county, district, functional classification, federal system (such as NHS), Interstate or US route number, State or County Road number, local name, and the mile point and description of the cross road at each end of each listed segment. The report does not include roads that are planned but unbuilt, physically removed, or recorded under a different roadway identifier.

A map for each county is available, showing the federal aid designations currently in effect. Each is available with and without a grid overlaid on the map. You may just view these, or save them to your computer.

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