Roadway Design

10 Rubblization Project

 Management District: 03(Third) 
 Geographical District: 03(Third) 
 Transportation System: Intrastate/Interstate 
 County: Jackson 
 Contractor: Anderson Columbia Co. Inc. 
 Financial Project Number:  
  2226361 52 01 (53002-3412)  
  2226351 52 01 (53002-3411)  
  2226371 52 01 (53002-3400)  
 Project Location: 
  SR 8(I-10) From 4 miles East of SR 71 to 1 mile West of SR 69  
  SR 8(I-10) From 1 mile West of SR 69 to 1 mile West of Momack Road 
  SR 8(I-10) From 1 mile West of Momack Road to Gadsden County Line 
 Project Length: 22.067 km (13.712 miles) 
 Work Involved:  
  Edgedrain Installation 
  Pavement Removal 
  Pavement Reconstruction 
  Pavement Marking  
Before Rubblization

Road Before Work

Existing Pavement Condition


Edgedrain Installation

Edgedrain Installation

Edgedrain Trenching Machine




Rubblizing Machine

Rubblizing destroys the existing concrete slab and all concrete slabs action by pulverizing the slab into 1 to 3 inch chunks at the top and 3 to 6 inch chunks towards the bottom.


Slab Integrity

Slab and Base Integrity

The existing slab integrity is destroyed to prevent reflective cracking. Checking size of Rubblized chunks from Top to bottom.




Overlaying the first layer of 176 kg/m2 of SP-19.0