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Pavement Design

The Pavement Design unit resides in Central Office and provides analysis tools, procedures and technical assistance through well coordinated Pavement Design and Pavement Management Systems, enabling the Districts to put the Right pavement in the Right place at the Right time.  These systems contribute significantly to provide a safe highway system with mobility and economic prosperity to Florida Citizens.

For questions related to Pavement Design, please contact:
Mary Jane Hayden, P.E.
State Pavement Design Engineer

The Pavement Management unit resides at the State Materials Office, and it provides analysis tools and technical assistance in forecasting the condition of pavements and developing the resurfacing plan for the 5-year Work Program. This service is a critical component of the department's mission to provide a safe transportation system that enhances economic prosperity and mobility.

For more information on FDOT's Pavement Management unit, please visit the State Materials Office's Pavement Management Webpage.

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