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  Developmental Criteria and Previous Manual Versions

Developmental Design Criteria
2022 FDOT Design Manual
2021 FDOT Design Manual
2020 FDOT Design Manual
2019 FDOT Design Manual
2018 FDOT Design Manual
Plans Preparation Manual (PPM)

  2023 FDOT Design Manual - Complete FDM Document Download

To view the Implementation Bulletin for the current FDM, please see RDB22-05.

Summary of Revisions

  Development and Processes - Complete FDM Part 1 Download
ChapterTrainingBulletinErrata Description
100    Introduction
Link    Context Classification
102    Glossary of Terms
103    Standard Forms
104    Public Involvement
105    Aesthetic Design
106    Exempt Public Documents
    Plans Development Processes
110    Initial Engineering Design Process
111    Final Engineering Design Process
112    Update Engineering Design Process
113    Right of Way Requirements
114 Training  Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation (RRR)
115    Standard Plans and Standard Specifications
116    Alternative Intersection and Interchange Review
117    Monitor Existing Structures
    Plans Submittal, Review, and Processing
120    Design Submittals 
121    Bridge Project Development 
122  RDB23-02 Design Exceptions and Design Variations
123    Engineering Design Estimate Process
124    QA/QC Management Plan
125    Quality Assurance
126    Lane Repurposing Projects
127    Community Aesthetic Features
128    Federal Aid Project Certification
    Final Plans Processing
130    Signing and Sealing Documents
131    Plans Processing
132    PS&E Submittal Package Revisions
133    Retention of Electronic Documents
    Lump Sum Projects
140    Lump Sum Projects
    Post-Design Processes
150    Consultant Priority Matrices
151   ErrataRevisions Packages
152    Shop Drawing Submittals
   Design Criteria - Complete FDM Part 2 Download
Chapter TrainingBulletinErrataDescription
    Context Based Design
200    Context Based Design
201 Training  Design Controls
202    Speed Management
    Roadway Geometrics
210 TrainingRDB23-01 Arterials and Collectors
211 Training  Limited Access Facilities
212   ErrataIntersections
213    Modern Roundabouts ( Roundabout Design Aids)
214    Driveways
215 Training  Roadside Safety
216 Training  Earthwork
D217    Developmental Design Criteria: Diverging Diamond Interchanges
    Other Facilities
220    Railroads
221    Utilities
222    Pedestrian Facilities
223    Bicycle Facilities
224    Shared Use Paths
225    Public Transit Facilities
226    Patterned Pavement and Architectural Pavers
227    FreightUnder Development
228    Chapter Replaced with 270 Series
229    Chapter Replaced with 270 Series
    Traffic Design
230 Training  Signing and Pavement Marking
231 Training  Lighting
232    Signalization
233    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
    Temporary Traffic Control
240    Transportation Management Plan ( TTC Forms)
241    Lane Closure Analysis
242    Traffic Pacing Design
243    Portable Changeable Message Signs
    Drainage and Permits
250    Hydraulic Data and Agency Permits
251  RDB24-01 Stormwater Runoff Control Concept (SRCC) Development
260    Bridge Structures
261 Training ErrataStructural Supports for Signs, Signals, Lighting, ITS, and Tolling
262 Training  Retaining Walls
263    Geosynthetic Design
264    Noise Walls and Perimeter Walls
265    Reinforced Concrete Box and Three-Sided Culverts
266 Training  Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridges 
267    Shop Drawing Submittals - Now FDM Chapter 152
270   Planting Designs
271   Irrigation Designs
272   Hardscape Designs
273   Landscape Maintenance Guide
274   Selective Clearing and Grubbing
275   Tree and Palm Relocation
276   Outdoor Advertising Signs
   300 Series has been sunset. Previous Manual Versions
  NexGen Plans Production - Complete FDM Part 9 Download
ChapterTraining BulletinErrataDescription
NexGen Roadmap Training  Crosswalk from Traditional Plans Production to Model-centric Plans Production
    Plans Production
900    Production of NexGen Plans
901   ErrataSequence of Plans Preparation
902    Estimated Quantities Report
904    Landscape Opportunity Plan
 Roadway Cross Sections
 Bridge Hydraulic Recommendations Sheet
907 Bulletin RFP Concept Plans
908 RDB24-01 Stormwater Runoff Control Concept Worksheet
    Roadway Plans Set
ErrataKey Sheet and Signature Sheet
911    Model Management Sheet
912    Project Control
913    Typical Sections
914    General Notes
915    Roadway Plan-Profile Sheet
916    Drainage Structures Sheet
917    Stormwater Facilities
918    Drainage Map
919    Lateral Ditches
920    Soil Survey Sheet and Boring Coring Data
921    Temporary Traffic Control Plan
922    Miscellaneous Structures
923   ErrataUtility Adjustments
924    Selective Clearing and Grubbing Plans
    Component Plans Set
940    Signing and Pavement Marking Plans
941    Signalization Plans
942    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Plans
943   ErrataLighting Plans
944   ErrataLandscape Plans
945    Architectural Plans - TBD
946    Structure Plans - TBD
947    Toll Facilities Plans - TBD
948    Utility Work by Highway Contractor (UWHC) Plans