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Thank you for visiting the Florida Department of Transportation Design Update Training Website. For your convenience, we have included links to the presentations from our Webinars and other training sessions. You will receive invaluable information regarding the recent updates to our Design standards, manuals, handbooks and other related issues. However, Professional Development Hour (PDH) Credits are not available for this training.

Clicking on the YEAR containing the desired subject matter, leads directly to the presentations and videos in our library.

Design Update Training Series

2021 (Link)New Training

Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Revisions (January 2021 Webinar)

Standard Plans Update for FY 2021-2022 (December 2020 Webinar)

2020 (Link)

Guardrail: How it Works! (June 2020 Webinar)

Standard Plans Update for FY 2020-2021 (January 2020 Webinar)

2019 (Link)

MASH Roadside Barriers - Design Lessons Learned

2018 (Link)

    Standard Plans Update for FY 2019-20 (December 2018 Webinar)

Audible and Vibratory Treatments (AVT) - (Rumble Strips and Profiled Thermoplastic)

2017 (Link)

Standard Plans Update for FY 2018-19 (November 2017 Webinar)

Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction Implementation plan for 2017

Design Standards eBook Update for 2017

Plans Preparation Manual Updates for 2017 - New FDOT Design Manual (FDM)


2016 (Link)

Guardrail Training - Design Standards Index 400 - 4 training modules presented statewide

Federal Guidelines for Plain Language Initiatives

Plans Preparation Manual Updates for 2016

2015 (Link)

Monitor Existing Structures

2016 Design Standards eBook update

Drainage Update - Index 216, 261, 281

Concrete Barrier Wall - Index 410

Temporary Traffic Control (MOT) - Index 600, 603, 607, 619, 660

Lighting - Index 518, 519. 17346, 17346, 17347, 17352, 17502, 17723

Structures - General Update

Planning - Index 17900

2014 (Link)

2015 Design Standards Roadway - Revisions to various Indexes

2015 Design Standards Structures - Revisions to various Indexes

Shoulders, Roadside Slopes, Right of Way and Vertical Clearance

Lighting - Length of Overhead Structures, Lighting of Street Name Signs, Lighting Justification, Interchange and LED Lighting

Yellow and All Red Clearance Intervals

Project Management (Scope of Services, Staff Hours)

Summary of Quantities, Pay Items, Digital Delivery and 3D Design

Drainage Manual and Hydroplaning

Structures Standards and Perimeter Walls

Resurfacing and ADA

Pavement Type Selection Report

Proprietary Products Procedure

Plans Processing and Electronic Review Comments (ERC) and Plan Notes

Quality Levels for Subsurface Utilities

Design Standards Website and Industry Review Process

2013 (Link)

Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Updated - July 2013

Design Build

Conducting Public Meetings

Design Standards Updates - Temporary Traffic Control (MOT), Traffic Standards, Structures Design Standards

Engineering Design Estimate Process updates


Median Traffic Railings, Overhead Signs and FAA Notification

Florida Intersection Design Guide

Florida Greenbook (2013)

Bicycle, Pedestrian and Transit Facilities

Landscape and Community Aesthetic Features

Crash Cushions and changes to Key Sheet

2012 (Link)

Design Standards Updates - Cycle changes and various updates to Indexes

Temporary Traffic Control (MOT)

Structures Design Updates

Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) updates

Standard K Factors

Utilities PPM and UAM Updates

Bicycle and Pedestrian Updates

Pavement Markings, Signing, Lighting updates

Pedestrian Bridges

Weathering Steel Bridges

Specifications and Estimates

Other Training Links (Link)

Office of Design Training and Development

Office of Design Engineering Academy

Office of Design Design Expo

Roadway Quality Assurance

...and more


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