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Last Update: 10/19/2022

2023 FDOT Design Manual (FDM)
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
2023 FDM Overview

Overview of the major changes for the 2023 FDOT Design Manual

---YouTubeDeWayne Carver
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
117 - Monitor Existing Structures---YouTubePaul Hiers
131 - Plans Processing---YouTubeJodi Jarrell
132 - PS&E Submittal Package Revisions---YouTubePaul Hiers
151 - Plans Revisions---YouTubePaul Hiers
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
201 - Design Controls---YouTubeDeWayne Carver
210 - Arterials and Collectors---YouTubeBen Gerrell
211 - Limited Access Facilities---YouTubeBen Gerrell
214 - Driveways---YouTubeJenna Bowman
215 - Roadside Safety---YouTubeDerwood Sheppard
216 - Earthwork---YouTubeTodd Bettger
230 - Signing and Pavement Marking---YouTubeDave Amato
231 - Lighting---YouTubeRichard Stepp
233 - Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)---YouTubeMariano Amicarelli
240 - Transportation Management Plan (TTC Forms)---YouTubeDerwood Sheppard
251 - Stormwater Runoff Control Concept (SRCC) Development---YouTubeJennifer Green
261 - Structural Supports for Signs, Signals, Lighting, ITS, and Tolling---YouTubeGevin McDaniel
262 - Retaining Walls---YouTubeBen Goldsberry
266 - Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridges---YouTubeBen Goldsberry
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
900 - ---YouTubePaul Hiers
901 - ---YouTubePaul Hiers
902 - ---YouTubePaul Hiers
904 - ---YouTubePaul Hiers
905 - ---YouTubePaul Hiers
906 - ---YouTubePaul Hiers
910 - ---YouTubePaul Hiers
911 - ---YouTubePaul Hiers


Coming Soon - 2022
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Smart Work Zone Designer Training

Coming Soon

PDFYouTubeJames McGinnis
March 2022
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Roadway Lighting Color Temperature by Context - Update Training

Overview of the background and design requirements for Roadway Design Bulletin 22-02

PDFYouTubeRichard Stepp
December 2021
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Standard Plans Update for FY 2022-23 (Full Version)

Overview of the major changes for the FY 2022-23 Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction

PDFYouTubeRick Jenkins
January 2021
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
2021 FDOT Temporary Traffic Control Updates

Updates for Temporary Traffic Control (TCC) revisions in the 2021-22 Standard Plans and 2021FDM.

---YouTubeDerwood Sheppard
December 2020
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Standard Plans Update for FY 2021-22 (Full Version)

Overview of the major changes for the FY 2021-22 Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction.

---YouTubeRick Jenkins
Guardrail: How It Works!

Brief overview of how roadway guardrail works and why it is important to install in accordance with Department standards.

---YouTubeDerwood Sheppard
February 2020
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Standard Plans Update for FY 2020-21 (Full Version)

Overview of the major changes for the FY 2020-21 Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction.

---YouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Session 1


YouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Session 2

Drainage Indexes

YouTubeRick Jenkins
Session 3

Landscape Installation

YouTubeRick Jenkins
Session 4


YouTubeRichard Stepp
Session 6

Minor and Major Revisions

YouTubeJoshua Truley
September 2019
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
MASH Roadside Barriers - Design Lessons Learned

A repeat presentation of the session provided in the FDOT Symposium. This provides an overview of common design concerns for Guardrail (Index 536-001).

Richard Stepp
December 2018
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Standard Plans Update for FY 2019-20 (Full Version)

Overview of the major changes for the FY 2019-20 Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction.

PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Session 1

General overview of the Standard Plans, Revision History Log, Errata Process, Updates to Misc. Indexes (Including; Earthwork Details, Superelevation, Driveways, and Sidewalk/Curb Ramps).

PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Session 2

Standard Plans Updates for; Concrete Barrier, Pier Protection Barrier, Opaque Visual Barrier, Guardrail, and Crash Cushions.

PDFYouTubeRichard Stepp
Session 3

Standard Plans Updates for; Temporary Traffic Control (aka, Maintenance of Traffic, MOT), Incidental Construction, Traffic Control Signals and Devices, Signing, Pavement Markings, and Lighting.

PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Session 4

Standard Plans Updates for Structures/Bridges.

PDF YouTubeJoshua Truley
April 2018
DescriptionPDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Audible and Vibratory Treatments (AVT)

Overview of updated Standard Plans Index 546-010 and Roadway Design Bulletin 18-03 (Rumble Strips and Profiled Thermoplastic)

Gevin McDaniel

Derwood Sheppard

November 2017
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Standard Plans Update for FY 2018-19 (Full Version)

Overview of updated Standard Plans and the new website layout

Turnouts, Utility Adj, Traffic Separators, Sidewalk & Curb Ramps

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Indexes - CCTV Poles and DMS

PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Part 1

Overview of Guardrail and Single Slope Concrete Barrier Indexes

PDFYouTube Richard Stepp
Part 2

Overview of Temporary Barrier & Temporary Traffic Control Indexes

Signing, Signal & Pavement Marking Indexes

PDFYouTube Derwood Sheppard
Part 3

Overview of Structure related Indexes

PDFYouTubeJoshua Truley
September 2017
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction Implementation

Implementation plan; Design Standard Indexes to Standard Plans

---YouTubeGevin McDaniel

Derwood Sheppard

January 2017
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
General Design Standards for 2017

Overview of updated Standards, new Standards and revisions

PDFYouTube Derwood Sheppard

Richard Stepp

Structures Design Standards for 2017

Overview of updated Standards, new Standards and revisions

PDFYouTubeJoshua Truley
Plans Preparation Manual Revisions for 2017

This webinar provides an overview of the major revisions made for the 2017 Plans Preparation Manual (PPM). Additional discussion on the future of the PPM and the development of the FDOT Design Manual (FDM) is also included.

PDFYouTube Gevin McDaniel
July 2016
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Guardrail Training - Design Standards Index 400

Reference: RDB16-01

Module 1 New Index Sheets Nos. 1-10 (Part A)
Module 2 New Index Sheets Nos. 11-22 (Part B)
Module 3 Instructions for Design Standards (IDS)
Module 4 Design Tool Length of Need (Excel)

PDFYouTube Richard Stepp


February 2016
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Federal Guidelines for Plain Language Initiatives

Discussion regarding definition of Plain Language, how it is implemented within the Agency and the affected publications

PDFYouTube Gevin McDaniel
Plans Preparation Manual Updates for 2016

Discussion for the update process, affected bulletins and related volume chapter changes

PDFYouTubeGevin McDaniel

Derwood Sheppard

September 2015
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Monitor Existing Structures

Specification 108, Upcoming Design Bulletin, Scope & Hours discussed

Frequently Asked Questions

---YouTubeGevin McDaniel
July 2015
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
2016 Design Standards eBook updates

Revisions, instruction for design standards, bulletins, index updates

PDFYouTube Rick Jenkins
Drainage Update

Index 216, 261, 281

PDFYouTubeRick Jenkins
Concrete Barrier Wall

Index 410

PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Maintenance of Traffic

Index 600, 603, 607, 619, 660                                                  Transitioning to "Temporary Traffic Control" (TTC)                             New Procedures and Handbooks coming soon

PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard

Index 518, 519. 17346, 17346, 17347, 17352, 17502, 17723        Discuss Specification 710-4.1.1

PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard

Overview, deleted Standards, minor and significant revisions discussed

PDFYouTubeJoshua Truley

Index 17900

PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
January 2015
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Pavement Markings - Updates for July 2015---YouTubeDerwood Sheppard
August 2014
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
2015 Design Standards Updates                                             Discussions: Roadway

Revisions, instruction for design standards, bulletins, index updates

Index 600, 11871, 400, 11861, 11862, 17346, 17347, 17515

Deleted Indexes -199, 21900



Rick Jenkins

Discussions: Structures

Data Table (Cell) Changes

Developmental Design Standards

New Index 5250 Perimeter Walls

New Index 21252 Access Doors for Steel Box Girders

Significant Revisions - Index 200, 206, 253, 289, 5200, 5210, 6110. D6011, 6020, 6025, 20010, 20120, 20510, 20511, 20512, 20900, 20910, 21930, 21250, 21251

PDFJoshua Truley
February 2014
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Day 1
PPM Updates - Shoulders, Roadside Slopes, Right of Way and Vertical ClearancePDFYouTube Benjamin Gerrell
Traffic and ITS Design - Length of Overhead Structures, Lighting of Street Name Signs, Lighting Justification, Interchange and LED LightingPDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Traffic Engineering Manual - Yellow and All Red Clearance IntervalsPDFYouTubeRaj Ponnaluri
Project Management - Scope of Services and Staff HoursPDFYouTubeRobert Quigley
CADD Update- Summary of Quantities, Pay Items, Digital Delivery and 3D DesignPDFYouTubeMatt Sexton
Day 2
Drainage Updates - Drainage Manual and HydroplaningPDFYouTubeJennifer Green 
Structures Updates - Standards and Perimeter WallsPDFYouTubeGevin McDaniel
Pavement Type Selection Manual - Ch2, Ch 4, Economic Analysis, and District Quality Control ChecklistPDFYouTubeMaryJane Hayden
Proprietary Products Procedure - Process and Certification RequirementsPDFYouTubeKaren Byram
PPM Updates - Plans Processing and Electronic Review Comments (ERC) and Plan NotesPDFYouTubeSean Masters
UTM Updates - Quality Levels for Subsurface UtilitiesPDFYouTubeJohn Hazlip
Design Standards Updates - Website and Industry Review ProcessPDFYouTubeRick Jenkins
August 2013
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Day 1
Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) - July 2013 Updates and Rewrite for Design BuildPDF---Mary Anne Koos
Design Build - Office of Construction, RFP development, Technical Proposal Requirements discussionPDF---Alan Autry
Conducting Public Meetings - Public Involvement, Community Awareness, elements of Public Meetings, Plain Language Initiative and mandatory requirements discussionPDF---Rusy Ennemoser
Design Standards Update - Drainage and Roadway Index changesPDF---Rick Jenkins
Design Standards Update - Other Various Roadway Index changesPDF---Rick Jenkins
Design Standards Update - Website Layout and Content, Roadside Barriers, Industry Review, 2014 eBook updates discussionPDF---Rick Jenkins
Day 2
Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Update - Review of the major changes made to  MOT Design Standards for the 2014 book.PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Traffic Standards Update - Review of the major changes made to Traffic Design Standards for the 2014 book.PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Structures Design Standards - Major updates to the 2014 Structures Related Design StandardsPDFYouTubeGevin McDaniel
February 2013
Description PDFVideo Presenter/Contact
Day 1
Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Review Process, Cross Slope Correction and Typical Sections - PPM Overview/UpdatesPDFYouTubeBenjamin Gerrell
Engineering Design Estimate Process, Plans Processing, Revisions to Bid Set, Re-submittal of Withdrawn Projects - PPM Vol1 Ch17, Ch20 updates Build - Office of Construction, RFP development, Technical Proposal Requirements discussion PDFYouTubeGevin McDaniel
Right of Way - PPM Vol1 Chapter 12 updatesPDFYouTubeGevin McDaniel
Alternative Roadway Paving Treatments, Bridge Railing - PPM Vol1 Ch2, Chapter 25PDFYouTubeGevin McDaniel
Design Build - Rewrite of the Structures Manual for Design Build, including the status of PPM Rewrite - New Design Bulletin - Direction to All Design-Build Project Phase Reviewers - Design-Build Frequently Asked Questions - Strategies for Writing a Flexible RFP on Design-Build ProjectsPDFYouTubeThomas Andres
Day 2
PPM and Drainage Manual Updates - Permissible 2.0 feet per second design velocity for hardship cases on storm drain - Minimum physical slope for pressure flow storm drain systems - Parking lot design guidance - Shoulder gutter locations - Temporary Maintenance Of Traffic (MOT) drainage - French drain placement - Resilient connector restrictions - Emergency access or evacuation - New Specific Gravity for Rubble Riprap - Apply Rule 14-86 only in closed basins or in flood prone areas - Removed interim High Density Polyethylene restrictions.PDFYouTubeJennifer Green 
PPM Updates - Median Traffic Railings, Overhead Signs, FAA Notification - PPM Vol 1 Ch7PDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard
Florida Intersection Design Guide - 2013 Edition UpdatesPDFYouTubeGevin McDaniel
Florida Greenbook  Updates - Upcoming May 2013 Edition - Overview and HighlightsPDFYouTubeBenjamin Gerrell
PPM and Design Standards Updates - Bicycle, Pedestrian and Transit Facilities - Urban Area Maps, Sidewalks and Crosswalks, Shared Use Paths, Shared Lane Markings, PPM Vol1 Ch8 and various related IndexesPDFYouTubeMary Anne Koos
PPM Update - Landscape and Community Aesthetic Features - PPM Vol1 Ch9PDFYouTubeDean Stoddart
Design Standards Updates - Crash Cushions and changes to Key Sheet - Discussing Design Bulletins, Index 430, Permanent Crash Cushions, PPM Vol1 Ch4, PPM Vol1 Ch10 and PPM Vol2 Ch3 Key Sheet RevisionsPDFYouTubeDerwood Sheppard