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Guardrail SystemsIDS-400N/AN/ARDB14-13
4028-11, 16-24 of 24Guardrail Transitions and Connections for Existing BridgesN/AN/AN/ARDB14-05
4031 of 3Guardrail Transitions for Existing Bridge Traffic Railing RetrofitsN/AN/AN/A
4046-7 of 8Guardrail Transitions-Existing Post & Beam Bridge Railings (Narrow & Recessed Curbs)N/AN/AN/A
4102 of 27Concrete Barrier WallN/AN/AN/A
4144 of 15Type K Temporary Concrete Barrier SystemN/AN/AN/ARDB14-06
4151 of 7Temporary Concrete BarrierN/AN/AN/A
4201-2 of 4Traffic Railing - (32" F Shape)N/AN/AN/ARDB14-05
4211-2 of 4Traffic Railing - (Median 32" F Shape)N/AN/AN/A
4221-2 of 3Traffic Railing - (42" Vertical Shape)N/AN/AN/A
4231-2 of 3Traffic Railing - (32" Vertical Shape)N/AN/AN/A
4251-2 of 3Traffic Railing - (42" F Shape)N/AN/AN/A
4301-2 of 2Crash Cushion DetailsN/AN/AN/A
4772 of 4Thrie-Beam Panel Retrofit (Concrete Handrail)N/AN/AN/A
6006 of 13General Information for Traffic Control Through Work ZonesN/AN/AN/ARDB14-11
6009 of 13General Information for Traffic Control Through Work ZonesN/AN/AN/ARDB14-06
05200N/CPrecast Noise WallsIDS-5200CEL-5200N/CSDB14-02
052501-10 of 10Perimeter WallsIDS-5250CEL-5250DGN-5250
118711 of 2Single Post Median Barrier Mounted Sign SupportIDS-11871N/AN/ARDB14-11
211101 of 2Poured Joint with Backer Rod Expansion Joint SystemN/CN/CDGN-21110SDB14-02
21250N/CAccess Hatch Assembly for Steel Box SectionsIDS-21250N/AN/C
21251N/CAccess Hatch Assembly for Concrete Box SectionsN/AN/C
212521 of 1Access Door Assembly for Steel Box SectionsIDS-21252CEL-21252DGN-21252