Relocation Assistance

The relocation assistance program provides assistance to Florida residents directly impacted by transportation projects. The program provides financial assistance and advisory services to those affected.

Relocation staff is responsible for gathering information from and providing information to all households and businesses occupying the property being acquired for a transportation project. This is accomplished through personal contact throughout the project, beginning with a personal interview conducted prior to or at the time properties are being appraised for acquisition by the department. Interviews are conducted to provide information about the relocation program, such as available payments and requirements for receiving assistance. Interviews are also used to gather specific information about each household or business so appropriate eligibility determinations can be made, and proper replacement housing and move cost payments can be calculated.

Persons required to relocate due to a transportation project may appeal any decision made by the department concerning an eligibility determination or payment amount.

General questions about the relocation assistance program or policies and procedures may be directed to Matt Cosgrove at, (850) 414-4501.