Relocation Assistance - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to move as a result of the Department's project?
It depends on the effect a project has on the property you currently occupy. This determination will be made well in advance of your being required to move. A Department Agent will answer any questions you may have and will be available to provide relocation assistance to you throughout the process. Additionally, if you are displaced by a Department project, you will receive advance notification in writing.

Can I refuse to move?
If the Department satisfies all requirements of governing law for acquiring the property you own and/or occupy, whether it is acquired through negotiation or eminent domain, then you are required to move.

Will I have a say in where I choose to move?
If you are required to move from your principal residence (domicile), the Department will assist you in locating and purchasing a comparable replacement residential dwelling. You may choose a new location and dwelling of your choice as long as it meets applicable housing standard requirements. There may be restrictions on the amount of financial assistance provided by the Department in your purchase of a replacement dwelling and such restrictions will be explained in advance by a Department agent.

If you are relocating a business, the Department will assist you in finding a replacement location by providing listings of available replacement non-residential properties for your consideration. You will be responsible for selecting a replacement location.

How long will I have to move?
You will be provided plenty of time to move. The Department must provide you with a minimum of ninety days advance notice from the time a replacement residential dwelling has been made available.

Will I be reimbursed for expenses I incur?
Yes, you will be reimbursed the actual, reasonable and necessary costs incurred for moving your personal property to a new location. You will also receive reimbursement of certain expenses that are necessary to purchase or rent and occupy a comparable replacement residential dwelling.

A business is also eligible for reimbursement for the actual, reasonable and necessary costs incurred for moving personal property to a new location. The Department will provide reimbursement, up to $2,500, for expenses you incur searching for a replacement business location. Financial assistance in reestablishing your operation at a replacement location may also be available to you. Reestablishment expenses may apply to things like increased operating costs or making necessary modifications to an existing structure. A Department agent will provide detailed information about reestablishment expenses to you.

Will someone be available to answer my questions?
Yes, the Department places a high priority on its provision of advisory services to persons who must relocate to accommodate a transportation project. You will be provided with the name, address and telephone number of a Department agent who will be available to assist you throughout the moving process.

Is there a process available to contest the Department’s relocation assistance actions?
Yes, persons displaced by public transportation projects may appeal the Department’s relocation assistance actions. A person may appeal the Department’s determination of a person’s eligibility for or the amount of relocation assistance. These rights are afforded in accordance with federal regulation (49 C.F.R., Part 24), and Florida Administrative Code Rule 14-66.