The acquisition program is responsible for acquiring property needed by the department to construct or improve transportation facilities. Soon after owners are identified and appraisals are prepared, negotiations will begin. Negotiations for the purchase of private property are conducted in strict compliance with both federal and state law. Property owners will be notified of their rights prior to or at the time the department delivers its offer to purchase. The amount of the offer will not be less than the department's estimate of the value of the property being acquired. Owners are guaranteed no less than 30 days from the time the offer is made to consider the offer before an eminent domain suit will be filed. The department will pay the owner's reasonable cost for an attorney to represent them during negotiations and for appraisal and other experts necessary to establish the value of their property. If an agreement is reached, department acquisition staff will coordinate or conduct the real estate closing. The department will pay all closing costs associated with the title transfer.

General questions about the acquisition program or acquisition policies and procedures may be directed to Jason Garner at (850) 414-4456 or  If you are interested in properties available for purchase or lease, please go to