Acquisition - Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I don't want to sell my property?
The department will only ask you to sell the property needed for our project. If we cannot reach agreement for the sale of your property we may have to resort to acquisition through the courts. In any case, you will be fully compensated for your property.

Do I have to accept the amount the department offers for my property?
No. The department will not offer you less than the amount we believe your property is worth. If you do not agree with our offer, we will negotiate with you to try and reach a mutually acceptable purchase price.

If I want to be represented by an attorney or to get my own appraisal will I have to pay for these services?
The department will pay your reasonable expenses for an attorney to represent you and for appraisal and other experts needed to establish the amount your property is worth.

If I own a business, will I be compensated for loss of income resulting from the acquisition of my property?
You may be eligible to receive payment for lost income provided your business has been in operation on the acquired property for five or more years, you have a real property interest in the acquired land, the acquisition is a partial acquisition of the property your business occupies and the loss of income results from the acquisition of property and not from construction or other effects of our project.