Technology Transfer


The Technology Transfer division performs a variety of activities to inform transportation practitioners about FDOT-funded research activities and to promote technologies developed through research. The division also maintains the Research Center's website.

Draft Final and Final Reports

The division assists project managers by providing non-technical editing services of draft final research reports to ensure they are prepared pursuant to either the Guidelines for University Presentation and Publication of Research or the Guidelines for Vendor Presentation and Publication of Research. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, all research draft final and final reports must be prepared pursuant to these guidelines. The draft final and final report must include a completed Technical Report Documentation Page. Instructions for completing the documentation page are in the guidelines, page 3. For those projects employing units of measure, the draft final and final report also must include a metric conversion table.

Once the final report is approved by the project manager and received in the Research Center, the division distributes the final  reports to USDOT, AASHTO, FHWA, state DOTs, transportation centers, universities and others using listservs to advise of report availability. Final reports can be found using Research Center's search engine.

One-Page Summaries

The division assists project managers by preparing one-page summaries of final reports. Summaries of final reports can be found using Research Center's search engine. The summaries provide a concise, plain-language synopsis of the research project and include a photo or other image to illustrate the project.


The division produces Research Showcase magazine, which features articles about the benefits of FDOT-funded research. The division also develops videos to illustrate implementation activities of research projects.

For more information about the Technology Transfer division, please contact Jessica VanDenBogaert, Technology Transfer Coordinator, 850-414-4631.

All Research Center publications are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, which requires free Acrobat Reader Software to view.