Truck Parking

Addressing Truck Parking

According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), truck parking has been ranked as a top critical issue in the trucking industry by truck drivers for in recent years. Several national and state level initiatives have been undertaken in order to understand the issue and identify potential solutions.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) commissioned the Statewide Truck Parking Study to build upon existing truck parking studies by using new data and approaches to identify, prioritize, and recommend solutions to address the areas in Florida with the greatest truck parking needs. The Statewide Truck Parking Study brochure outlines the key points of the study for quick reference. 

Compile, Prioritize, Identify, Apply, Recommend


Previous Efforts to Set the Stage

Florida's Truck Parking Availability

FDOT is currently developing a Truck Parking Availability System (TPAS) to address the need for parking information management. The TPAS program will be delivered in three stages, and the information that will be provided by TPAS will assist truck drivers in identifying available parking locations where the technology is deployed. This research has been ongoing for many years, and the technology allows FDOT and our customers to make best use of existing resources. 




Statewide Truck GPS Data Analysis

One of the challenges associated with understanding the issue is lack of appropriate data and analysis procedures. FDOT addressed this challenge by developing a methodology for the systematic evaluation of truck parking supply and utilization using truck GPS data and other data sources. The Statewide Truck GPS Data Analysis was conducted by the FDOT Transportation Data and Analytics Office (TDA) in coordination with the Freight and Multimodal Operations Office (FMO) and District Freight Coordinators (DFCs). This study was the baseline used in the Statewide Truck Parking Study mentioned above.  




truck parking datalytics

Upcoming Efforts

Statewide Truck Parking Workshops - Building on the recently published Statewide Truck Parking Study, a series of Statewide Truck Parking Workshops are being scheduled to bring together the truck parking industry, including both public and private partners, to discuss how we can work collaboratively to solve the truck parking problem in Florida.


  • Describe truck parking needs and initiatives
  • Solicit industry input
  • Discuss upcoming partnership opportunities

Target Audience

  • Trucking industry
  • Truck stop owners and operators
  • Developers and investors
  • Public sector partners


  • Workshop #1 – Statewide Truck Parking Workshop (December 10, 2020)
  • Workshop #2 – Public Private Partnership Opportunities Workshop (Date TBD)
  • Workshop #3 – One-On-One meetings with Industry Partners (Dates TBD)

Workshop Material

  • Workshop #1




Partner Workshop