Development and Deployment of a Portable Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Surveillance System


Study Background and Purpose

This study addresses traffic and train operations at selected highway-railroad grade crossing sites in Florida in a series of three volumes:


Volume I: A Portable Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Surveillance System for Operational and Safety Studies

This document describes the components of the surveillance system used to collect the data for the study described in Volume II.


Volume II: Video Based Studies of Flexible Traffic Separators at Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings

This report describes a field evaluation of the operation of flexible traffic separator devices installed at three highway-railroad grade crossings in Central Florida. The second study focused on assessing the effectiveness of the separators in discouraging motorists from violating the warning gates both before the train arrived and after it departed. 


Volume III: Video Based Studies of Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings in the South Florida Railroad Corridor

The third document discusses the observation of a large number of video clips to identify and categorize movements or behaviors that could suggest improper operation or use of five selected crossings. Results are intended to provide insight into the crossing operations and unsafe road user behaviors.