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The Department has recognized the need for a statewide passenger rail strategy and a statewide transit strategy, as communities around the state are interested in advancing rail and transit. FDOT is also updating the required Florida Rail System Plan, and all these aspects are so intertwined it made sense to ask for input to feed all three efforts at once. 

We need your input to effectively analyze the role that rail and transit could play in enhancing mobility in the state – connecting residents with jobs, bringing visitors to vacation destinations, and providing equitable, safe, and sustainable travel options while enhancing economic prosperity and preserving the quality of our environment and communities. 

The timing is right - the Department’s policy initiatives, new federal funding sources from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and partnership opportunities have aligned to allow us to advance rail and transit in Florida.

For more information, please visit FDOT.gov/planning, FDOT.gov/rail, and FDOT.gov/transit.  

Get Involved!

Thanks for participating in the Statewide Virtual Closing Listening Session Thursday, June 16, 2022, please review the Resources sidebar on this page for links to materials!

Rail-Transit Regional Listening Session Schedule MAR 21ST Statewide, MAR 29TH Jacksonville, APR 6TH Lakeland, APR 7TH Longwood, APR 12TH Ft. Myers, APR 13TH Aventura Miami, APR 26TH Marianna, JUN 16TH Statewide