Traffic Management and Intersection Improvements

A full bridge closure that began in March 2023 is in place for approximately 20 months. Traffic is being detoured to Alternate A1A. Prior to the bridge closure, the following intersection improvements were constructed along the detour route to improve traffic flow:

Alt A1A at Old Dixie Hwy (permanent)
  • Shifting the intersection to the southwest
  • Adding a traffic signal
  • Lengthening the left-turn lane from northbound Alt A1A to northbound Old Dixie Highway
Alt A1A at Old Dixie Highway (SR 811)
US 1 at SR 706/Indiantown Rd (temporary)
  • Three left-turn lanes from northbound US 1 to westbound SR 706 (two left-turn lanes currently)
Alt A1A at Old Dixie Highway (SR 811)
SR 706/Indiantown Rd at Alt A1A (temporary)
  • Two left-turn lanes from southbound Alt A1A to eastbound SR 706 (single left-turn lane currently)
  • Two right-turn lanes from westbound SR 706 to northbound Alt A1A
Alt A1A at Old Dixie Highway (SR 811)
Alt A1A at US 1(temporary)
  • Two right-turn lanes from southbound US 1 to westbound Alt A1A
Alt A1A at Old Dixie Highway (SR 811)

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices were placed along the detour route to allow 24/7 remote monitoring and active traffic management by the Florida Department of Transportation and Palm Beach County. In conjunction with the reconfiguration of the intersections identified above, these enhancements should improve travel times, alleviate congestion, allow real-time adjustments of traffic signal timing and provide advance notification to the public of traffic delays. The devices installed include the following:

  • Bluetooth travel time devices: Provide Palm Beach County with real-time travel time information for dissemination to the public
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras: Provide a real-time view of the project corridor to quickly detect traffic incidents that may cause a lane blockage
  • Microwave Vehicle Detection System (MVDS): Provide lane-by-lane traffic data to optimize traffic signal timing
  • Dynamic Messaging Sign (DMS): Provides information to the public that includes lane blockage information, travel time information as well as the status of the US 1 drawbridge on the southbound approach to the bridge.