Atlantic Avenue (SR 806) PD&E Study

Project Description

The project involves widening a 1.8-mile segment of Atlantic Avenue from Florida's Turnpike to Jog Road in unincorporated Palm Beach County. The proposed project would widen the existing four-lane roadway to a six-lane roadway with consideration to bicycle lanes and sidewalks. Additionally, stormwater management facilities will be evaluated within the study area.

Within the study limits, Atlantic Avenue intersects three major north-south roadways, Florida's Turnpike, Hagen Ranch Road, and Jog Road. The Turnpike is a part of the state's Strategic Intermodal System (SIS). The SIS includes Florida's important transportation facilities that support the state's economy and mobility. Currently, Atlantic Avenue is an inadequate link between these multilane roadways. Expanding Atlantic Avenue to six lanes will better serve the regional transportation network and the local collector roadways.

Atlantic Avenue within the study area contains a sidewalk adjacent to the westbound lanes throughout the entire length of the study area. There is an existing sidewalk gap on the southside of Atlantic Avenue from Michelangelo Boulevard to Jog Road. Four-foot wide bicycle lanes are generally present along corridor. The Palm Beach TPA Master Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan (MCBTP) (March 2011) includes bicycle facilities improvement recommendations throughout Palm Beach County. The MCBTP designates Atlantic Avenue from the Turnpike to I-95 as a "Priority Corridor."

The study will evaluate a ‘No-Build’ Alternative and ‘Build’ Alternatives. The ‘No-Build’ (no construction) Alternative will include currently planned and programmed improvements and will be compared against the ‘Build’ Alternatives. The study will evaluate the social, economic, physical and environmental impacts associated with the potential improvements.