Federal Discretionary Grants

Liberty Coastline Bridge Replacement - City of Jacksonville


There are times when local agencies are awarded federal funding outside of our FHWA federal core programs and a LAP agreement is not appropriate. See Program Management Bulletin 18-07 for more information on federal grant program applicability. Additional details are available through Federal Aid Technical Bulletin 15-02 and the Work Program Instructions Part IV, Chapter 4.

Under 2 CFR 200, funding passed through to another entity requires the FDOT grant manager to perform a risk assessment and to develop and implement a risk monitoring plan. Below is a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the requirements of 2 CFR 200 and a risk assessment template.

For more information on the Department's approach to federal grant applications or to request a letter of consistency for a grant application, please visit the Office of Policy Planning, Federal Discretionary Grants page.

Required Forms

 - Federal Highway Funds Subrecipient Grant Agreement FDOT No. 525-010-70 and related Exhibits (Search for Form) 

  • Exhibit A: Project Description and Responsibilities
  • Exhibit B: Schedule of Financial Assistance
  • Exhibit C: Title VI Assurances
  • Exhibit D: Recipient Resolution
  • Exhibit E: Federal Financial Assistance (Single Audit Act)
  • Exhibit F: Contract Payment Requirement

 - Local Programs Project Monitoring Status Report FDOT Form No. 525-010-54

 - Local Programs Invoicing Template FDOT Form No. 525-010-53

 - Option 1: Non-Traditional Federal Risk Assessment Template

 - Option 2: Non-Traditional Federal Risk Assessment Template

**Optional or custom exhibits may be included with approval by Office of Comptroller, Office of General Counsel, and Central Office Local Programs.


AGA Subrecipient Monitoring and Self-Assessment Guide

FDOT Grants Procedure No. 350-020-060

Grant Management Training 2 CFR 200 PowerPoint



For more information regarding Federal Discretionary Grants, Please contact the
Central Local Programs Office

For immediate assistance please contact
Kathleen Khazraee - Local Program Coordinator
(850) 414-4127