Design Build Specifications - July - December 2021

Design-Build Boiler-Plate

July - December 2021

Design Build Boilerplate** is the Division I Master Document to be used in the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Design-Build projects.

Design Build Pick-List

NOTE: Please refer to the July 2021 Workbook for additional files to consider incorporating into your Design Build Projects . 


 File TitleUsage Notes
 Design Build Finance
 SP0030600DBF  Execution of Contract and Bond Use on Design Build Finance projects

Design Build Attachments to the RFP


 SP1010000DB Mobilization Use on all Design Build Projects.
  SP1050813DB Contractor Quality Control General   Requirements Use when Geotechnical Services are required for the   project.
  SP4550000DB Structures Foundations Use when Geotechnical Services are required for the project.
 SP4750000DB Value Added Bridge Components Use when requested and approved by the District   Construction Engineer.