LAP training is offered in a variety of formats for local agency staff and consultants as well as FDOT staff. Most courses are free of charge to government agency staff, but may require travel. The courses listed below reflect a sampling of those offered through various transportation agencies statewide and nationally.


Traditional Training Opportunities

LAP Workshop Course No. BT 05-0151
LAP Workshop is a triennial class that offers an overview of program changes or areas of special emphasis over a three year period. Sessions are presented by functional area experts from all over the state and from the FHWA. Local Agency staff and their consultants learn firsthand through incorporation of project specific examples and information sharing with other agencies and functional area experts in attendance. Required attendees: Local Agency Responsible Charge. Recommended attendees: Project managers, staff responsible for development and delivery of LAP projects. Attendees qualify for 8 PDHs. - (Course Reference Materials)

LAP Professional Services Checklist Training Course No. BT-05-0152
The LAP Professional Services Checklist identifies federal and some state requirements associated with Professional Services procurement. Course provides in depth coverage of the federal and state requirements for local agency staff preparing project solicitations (i.e. RFP, RFQ, etc.) & contracts. Course material includes compliance best practices. Recommended Attendees: Project and procurement staff who develop RFPs, scopes, evaluation criteria, contracts and other related procurement documents for professional services. Attendees qualify for 8 PDHs.

LAP Title VI Sub-Recipient Compliance Assessment Training Course No. BT-05-0153 (4 hours)

American with Disabilities Act Course No. BT-05-0062 (4 hours)

Local Agencies must comply with Title VI and other Nondiscrimination Acts and the American with Disabilities Act. This course includes the Sub-recipient Compliance Assessment Tool (SCAT Form), ADA regulations and requirements and how to design for compliance with the ADA, how to handle and process complaints, and how the Department and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will monitor these program initiatives. Recommended attendees: LAP Title VI and ADA Training is divided into two half day sessions. The Title VI and nondiscrimination laws are presented in the first half of the class and should be attended by your agency T6 and/or ADA Coordinator(s). The second half of the class focuses on ADA regulations and requirements and design. Attendees qualify for 3 PDHs. - (Course Reference Materials)  

LAP Construction Checklist Training Course No. BT-05-0197
The LAP Construction Checklist identifies federal and some state requirements of construction contracting. Course provides in depth coverage of the federal and state requirements for local agency staff preparing project solicitations, specifications & contracts. Course material includes compliance best practices. Recommended Attendees: Project, engineering, and procurement staff who develop bid packages, construction specifications, contracts and other related procurement documents for construction. Attendees qualify for 8 PDHs.


Courses Offered by Other FDOT Offices

Specifications Package Preparation Training for Consultant Firms
This two-day training will provide you with important information and techniques for preparing specifications packages for Department Contracts. It is important that at least two persons (will accept three) attend in order to comply with specification processes and procedures. It is highly recommended that one of the team be a person responsible for signing and sealing documents, i.e., the Engineer of Record.

PD&E Manual Process Training (Course Catalog No. BT-19-0034) Webinar Course
This course will acquaint participants in the use of the PD&E Manual and its process. FDOT PD&E Staff, Local Agency Program agency staff (state and local), PD&E Consultants, and State and Federal agencies (e.g., ETAT, etc.) interested in the PD&E process. Follow the link for upcoming webinars.

Design Training Expo- Orlando
The Expo offered annually in the Orlando area offers a number of training sessions specific or relevant to the Local Agency Program. Past courses offered include LAP Specifications and LAP Deliverables. Please go to the Office of Design training page for more information.


FHWA Training Opportunities

National Highway Institute ADA Pedestrian Facility Design is required for all design project managers, once prior to certification and as new staff members enter LAP. Class may be requested through Brad Bradley, FDOT ADA Administrator, 850-414-4295. (Course Reference Materials)


Computer Based training Opportunities

LAP Certification/Recertification CBT is required for all Local Agencies seeking LAP Certification. This CBT consists of 3 lessons common to all FDOT and Local Agency personnel- certification, project selection and LAP Agreements.

LAP Professional Services CBT highlights and explains the critical state and federal laws, rules, and regulations that govern procurement of professional services consultants for Federal-Aid projects funded by the Department.

LAPIT CBT (Course No. BT-15-0194) provides an overview of how to navigate the LAPIT system. LAPIT is the project information and documentation repository for the program. FDOT, FHWA and Agency staff may access LAPIT with assigned individual user names and passwords. LAPIT facilitates electronic submittals of all project information and auditing reviews by providing a central location for electronic project files.

Equal Opportunity Compliance (EOC) CBT provides a brief overview of the EOC system; shows you how to gain access to the system; demonstrates how to prepare a subcontractor list, a bidder's opportunity list, and how to create sub-agreements for your subcontractors and your sub-consultants. In addition, it demonstrates how to enter DBE commitments and DBE payments. EOC is the DBE goal tracking mechanism employed by FDOT to track compliance with federal requirements.

LAP Sub-Recipient Compliance Assessment Tool Computer Based Training (Course No. BT-15-0009) The LAP SCAT CBT provides an overview on how District LAP staff and Central Office review and process local agency Title VI information submitted as part of the SCAT process. Compliance with Title VI and other Nondiscrimination legislation and the American with Disabilities Act is required for all agencies participating in LAP.

The National Highway Institute (NHI) has several training courses available, many of which are free of charge. This link is to their training catalog listing. The “Introducing Highway Federal-Aid Real Estate Acquisition Under the Uniform Act: An Overview, Local Public Agency Real Estate Acquisition” and “Introduction to NEPA and Transportation Decision-making” courses are particularly beneficial to the Local Agency Program community. Each of these courses are free of charge.

District 7 Local Agency Traffic Safety Academy is a free webinar series focused on sharing knowledge about traffic safety, discussing new and ongoing safety programs, explaining available funding sources, presenting local best practices, learning about new safety treatments and technologies, and discussing project delivery processes. The webinars presented are part of District Seven’s Local Agency Safety Program to support and enhance local agency safety programs in Florida. Local agency staff, consultants, engineers, public works professionals, planners, and any other party interested in traffic safety are encouraged to attend.

FHWA Emergency Relief Program Overview is recommended for all Local Agencies seeking federal Emergency Relief funds after an emergency/disaster. These events may be attributed to nature or manmade, and your agency becomes eligible as soon as the governor or president declares the event an emergency/disaster. Hurricane season is six months a year, don’t hesitate to learn more today!

Resident Compliance Specialist CBT informs you on the federal guidelines and regulations regarding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). The goal is to provide you with a general overview of the role of a Resident Compliance Specialist and is not intended to communicate all elements of contract compliance required by the FDOT Contract Compliance Manual (formerly Workbook).

Electronic Review Comments CBT informs you on how to utilize the ERC system. ERC tracks the entire review process (comments and responses) for plan reviews and project submittals. All comments and responses reside in one central location allowing any user easy access to all or partial review data on demand. The system allows Project Manager(s) and/or Administrator(s) to electronically track the comments and responses from all Reviewer(s) and Subconsultant(s).