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Sample Local Agency Program Certification Tool Word Form
Sample Local Agency Program Certification-Materials Testing and Acceptance Quality Assurance Review Word Form
Sample  Sub Recipient Compliance Assessment Tool Word Form
Agreements and Exhibits
350-000-15 Emergency Local Government Emergency Relief Reimbursement Agreement Word Form
Form Instructions
525-010-40 Local Agency Program Agreement Search for Form 
525-010-32 Local Agency Program Supplemental Agreement Search for Form    
 Project Certifications
 NEPA Status of Environmental Certification and Type 1 Programmatic Categorical Exclusion  Word Form 
 Sample  Clear Letter - No Environmental Permit Required Word Form
 Sample  Clear Letter - Permits Required Word Form
 Sample  Clear Letter - Railroad Word Form
 Sample  Clear Letter - Utilities Word Form
575-095-05  LAP Right of Way Certification, Certification with Exceptions and LAP Initial Design and Build PDF Form
Procurement - Professional Services and Construction
Title VI & Non-Discrimination Appendices A&E, Nondiscrimination Contract Assurances (required in all contracts) PDF Form
Word Form
275-030-11 DBE Bid Package Information PDF Form
Word Form
375-020-27 Contract Bond (in Bid Blank) PDF Form
375-030-32 Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension...for Federal Aid Contracts PDF Form
375-030-33 Lobbying Certification PDF Form
375-030-34 Disclosure of Lobbying PDF Form
375-030-91 Vendor Eligibility Prior to Contract of Award PDF Form
375-030-83 DBE Bid Opportunity Form Word Form

PSU Procurement
 Local Agency Program (LAP) Checklist for Federally Funded Professional Services Contracts Federal and State Requirements Word Form
 375-030-18  Consultant Affirmation PDF Form
Word Form
 375-020-08  Proposal (in Bid Blank) FORM 
 375-020-30  Contract Affidavit (in Bid Blank) PDF Form
 375-030-30  Truth in Negotiation PDF Form
 375-030-50  Conflict of Interest Certification PDF Form
 375-040-84  LAP Terms for Federal Aid Professional Services Contracts PDF Form
Word Form
 Sample  Consultant Services Man Hour Estimate Excel Form
700-010-04 Estimate of Contract Time Excel Form
 Construction Procurement
 FHWA 1273   Required Contract Provisions - Federal-Aid Construction Contracts  PDF Form 
525-010-44  Local Agency Program (LAP) Checklist for Construction Contracts (Phase 58)-Federal Requirements PDF Form 
Word Form
575-060-13 Non-Collusion Declaration of Compliance PDF Form 
Word Form
525-010-46 LAP Certification of Current Capacity
PDF Form 
Word Form
Sample DBE Bid Opportunity Form Word Form
 Construction Administration
700-050-56 Daily Log (Sample) PDF Form 
Word Form
700-010-38 Certification of Payment (Sample) PDF Form 
700-010-42 Certification for Stockpiled Materials (Sample) PDF Form 
Word Form
 525-010-54 Local Programs Project Monitoring Status Report Word Form
 525-010-53 Local Programs Invoicing Template  Excel Form
Project Close Out
525-010-42 Local Agency Program Final Inspection and Acceptance of Federal-Aid Project PDF Form
Word Form
525-010-47 Local Agency Program Record of Final Plans and Documents PDF Form 
Word Form
525-010-50 Local Agency Program Performance Evaluation Word Form