Final Estimates Forms

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If you do not find a certain form here, please check for additional forms on the Procedural Document Library website.

1 These forms can also be generated in the Construction Forms application to include the applicable project specific information (Contract Number, Project Number(s), Contractor, etc.). The Construction Forms application is located on the Construction Automated Reporting (CARS) menu (Internal Use Only).

2 These forms are now found in the Excel Forms Manager plugin, which can be downloaded from the Construction Downloads page.

DFEO Forms

Site Source Records

  • 700-050-53 Final Measurements
  • 700-050-54 Daily Report of Truck - Measured Material Site Source Record
  • 700-050-54A Truck Measured Sketch (Regular Bed)
  • 700-050-54B Truck Measured Sketch (Irregular Shape Bed)
  • 700-050-56A Daily Log Sheet – Miscellaneous Tabulation Form Weight Site Source Record2
  • 700-050-56B Daily Log Sheet – Miscellaneous Tabulation Form Bag Count Site Source Record2
  • 700-050-57 Lane Rental
  • 700-050-58 Daily Record of Extra Work
  • 700-050-59 Cost Estimate for Increase, Decrease, or Alteration in the Work (Spec 4-3.2)
  • 700-050-61 Final Measurement "Miscellaneous"
  • 700-050-62 Contractors Certification of Quantities - MOT, Signs2
  • 700-050-66 Contractors Certification of Quantities - Asphalt & Bituminous Materials
  • 700-050-67/68  MOT - Traffic Stripes and Markings Daily Worksheet & Certification of Quantities1 (Instructions)
  • 700-050-70 Traffic Marking Certification1
  • 700-050-71 Asphalt Concrete Pay Item Reduction Sheet
  • 700-050-72 Computer Summary of Quantities for Asphalt Concrete


  • Asphalt Base Worksheet (*.xlsx 33 KB) – This spreadsheet is not required, but is an optional resource that corresponds to CPAM 11.4. Users can enter information from Form 675-030-20A, Asphalt Roadway – Daily Report of Quality Control-Automated Version (QCRR) to automate the calculations for CPF adjustments, as well as calculate the Bituminous Correction and CPF Correction referenced in CPAM 11.4.