Agency Term Contracts

The following list represents current Commodities and Contractual Services Agency Term Contracts by contract name in alphabetical order. You may view a copy of the contract by clicking on the name of the contract you would like to see.

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Contract TitleContract #Bid #Expires
Adopt-A-Highway Items: Safety Vests and Trash TongsCR713, CR714DOT-ITB-22-9009-JM-312/26/2024
Aluminum MaterialsCR854, CR855DOT-ITB-24-9069-SJ-1
ARROW and Message BoardsCR805DOT-ITB-24-9035-SJZT11/30/2026
Asphalt Tar RemoverCR725, CR726DOT-ITB-23-9076-SJ6/27/2024 
Attenuator PartsCR781, CR783DOT-ITB-24-9003-CA8/31/2025
Bags, Various In ProgressIn ProgressN/A
Delineator & Durable Tubular Markers 

CR806 - Cloverleaf Corporation

CR807 - Safety Zone Holdings, Inc. dba Safety Zone Specialists

Emergency Portable Inverter GeneratorsCR816DOT-ITB-24-9025-SJ11/05/2026
Facilitator Kits and EPIC CreditsCR11298DOT-ITB-19-9081-KW6/30/2024
FDOT Approved Product List (APL):
Traffic Equipment
 See ContractDOT-ITB-23-9037-SJ-23/13/2024
Grass Seed CR784DOT-ITB-24-9001-1 / DOT-ITB-24-9033-SJ9/17/2024
Guardrails and Accessories CR13539, CR13541, CR13542DOT-ITB-22-9008-SD11/7/2024
Heavy Equipment LeaseCR846, CR847, CR848 DOT-ITN-19-9025-GH-52/11/2026
High Visibility Safety ApparelCR13556DOT-ITB-22-9007-VM11/17/2024
Industrial Vegetation Management Products For Highway Rights Of WayCR679, CR741, CR742DOT-ITB-23-9065-SJ-17/13/2024
Pavement Markers: Raised, Reflectorized and Related MaterialsCR13329, CR13353DOT-ITB-21-9085-JM-110/18/2024 
Plastic Traffic Drums & Tire RingsCR712DOT-ITB-23-9086-DG6/21/2024
Printed Materials and Safety Items to Promote Traffic Safety and Increase AwarenessCR14053 - CR14056DOT-ITB-22-9049-SJ6/29/2025
Printing of Educational Materials - Safe Routes to School ProgramCR583DOT-ITB-22-9100-SJ-16/12/2025
Self-Serve Motor Pool SystemCR13558DOT-SS-22-9011-JM11/17/2026
Safety Educational Outreach and Target Zero ItemsCR707, CR709, CR711DOT-ITB-23-9080-SD06/19/2026
Sign Materials CR11496DOT-ITB-20-9051-CA-51/13/2025
Steel Flanged Channel PostsCR778DOT-ITB-23-9074-SD9/4/2024
Street Sweeper, High DumpCR801DOT-ITB-24-9024-SJ-110/11/2025
Target Zero and Safety Promotional ItemsCR638DOT-ITB-23-9046-DG3/12/2026
Tarpaulins & Dump Truck Covers  In Progress In ProgressN/A
Telescoping, Articulating, Rotating, Vertical Lift Platform, Truck Mounted CR803DOT-ITB-24-9019-SJ10/22/2025
Temporary Bridge Parts:  700 SeriesCR13833DOT-SS-22-9081-CA6/30/2024
Temporary Bridge Parts:  300 SeriesCR13831DOT-SS-22-9081-CA6/30/2024
Traffic ConesCR834DOT-ITB-24-9043-SJ12/13/2025
Trailer Mounted Brush ChipperCR858 (formerly CR13703)DOT-ITB-22-9073-SD-23/3/2025
Truck Mounted Grappler  CR13689DOT-ITB-22-9061-CA1/22/2027
Truck Mounted Excavator Large  CR795DOT-ITB-24-9014-CA9/27/2025
Truck Mounted Sewer Cleaner CR808DOT-ITB-24-9013-DG11/6/2025


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