Procurement Manager
Carla Perry, P.E.

 Procurement Office:
Haydon Burns Building
605 Suwannee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Tel:  (850) 414-4477
 This site provides information on processes to be followed by Consultants when marketing to the Florida Department of Transportation.

You may view the Department's Marketing Procedure, as well as details regarding district specific marketing information.

The Consultant Acquisition Plans (CAPs) provide information on upcoming professional services projects, such as anticipated advertisement dates and the names of the FDOT Project Managers.

If a Project Manager's contact information is not already provided within a CAP, you may call one of the toll free telephone numbers and ask the receptionist to provide assistance with obtaining phone numbers.

District Professional Services Administrators are also able to provide Project Manager contact information, or answer any questions regarding project procurement schedules.

Most Requested Items

 Marketing Procedure 
 Consultant Acquisition Plans 
 Professional Services Ads 
 District Geographical Information 
 Scheduled Regional Meetings

News and Announcements

Central Office Staff Directory
 District Marketing Information Important Information Regarding Marketing Materials
 FTP (Prior Contract Records ) Per Consultant Marketing Procedure No. 375-040-010: Any documentation presented by either the Department or the Consultant during a marketing meeting is a public record subject to the provisions of Chapter 119, Florida Statute.
 The forms available in PDF require the use of Adobe Reader which is available from the Adobe Web site. This file type can be viewed, but must be filled in and printed manually.

The forms available in Excel and Powerpoint require the use of the appropriate Microsoft Office Viewer which is available from the DOT Agency Resources Website Plug-Ins