Public Involvement


The Florida Department of Transportation has a long-standing commitment to identifying our stakeholders and giving them multiple opportunities to be involved in our transportation delivery process, regardless of phase. We recognize that there is not a cookie-cutter approach to public involvement activities; rather that all of our efforts to engage the public should be flexible and updated as a project progresses, should be scaled to match the magnitude or complexity of the project, and should strive to use the most appropriate tools for each audience. 


Listen to FDOT Secretary Kevin Thibault discuss the Department’s commitment to public involvement as we work together to deliver transportation solutions for Florida’s residents and visitors.  



Current Guidance

Public Involvement is changing during this new era.  With a strong commitment to delivering responsive transportation solutions informed by residents, community leaders, and other stakeholders, we are thinking outside the box.  We hope you will use this page for guidance as we move forward with innovative solutions to public involvement.  Please share your ideas for new resources as we develop and identify guidance and best practice materials for your public involvement activities. 


The Department has updated its Public Involvement guidance requiring all public meetings and hearings to be hybrid, using both face-to-face and virtual components.  No public meetings or hearings may be virtual only. (5/25/2021)    


Virtual Resources

Public Involvement Resources for the Practitioner

Public Involvement Resources For The Public

Public Involvement Research Projects

For more information about Public Involvement, contact Rusty Ennemoser at 850-414-5337
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