Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) (H.R. 3684)

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is a reauthorization of the FAST Act and provides $973 billion in funding over five years from FFY 2022 through FFY 2026, including $550 billion for new investments for all modes of transportation, water, power and energy, environmental remediation, public lands, broadband, and resiliency.


FDOT will monitor IIJA activities and provide information on both formula and competitive grant opportunities. We will also work with our partners to ensure Florida can successfully maximize and compete for funding.



The IIJA is estimated to bring $16.7 billion in transportation formula funds to Florida among FDOT, transit agencies, airports, and other partners. FDOT is estimated to receive $13.5 billion under the IIJA in formula funds. This is $3.5 billion and 35 percent more than provided by the FAST Act.

The IIJA includes 13 existing and 21 new transportation-related, competitive grant programs totaling $187 billion in potential funding. The U.S. Department of Transportation will issue a Notice of Funding Opportunity for each grant program with further information. The timeline will likely be different for each grant program. Applicants may apply for funding based on eligibility. Eligible requirements such as recipients and activities will vary from program to program.


Competitive Grant Programs

Local agencies (cities, counties, MPOs, and transit agencies, for example) may be eligible for a myriad of competitive grant programs under the IIJA. FDOT encourages our local partners to help maximize Florida’s transportation system by submitting applications to competitive grant programs.  For more information on collaboration with the FDOT on federal competitive grant programs, visit FDOT's Federal Discretionary Grants information page.


    Modal Subject Briefs 

    The IIJA increased funding opportunities for all transportation modes.  View the modal subject briefs below for a high-level overview of the policy framework and opportunities by mode.  


    Planning Emphasis Areas

    In December 2021, in support of the IIJA, FTA and FHWA issued updated Planning Emphasis Areas for use by metropolitan planning organizations, state departments of transportation, transit agencies, and federal land management agencies in their Unified Planning Work Programs and State Planning and Research Work Programs.  FDOT's Planning Emphasis Areas align with the planning and policy priorities of the IIJA and can be found here.


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