Policy Planning

Welcome to Policy Planning

Welcome to the Office of Policy Planning (OPP) within the Florida Department of Transportation. OPP oversees a wide range of planning, policy and research activities to advance Florida's statewide transportation system. Please direct any questions to The Office of Policy Planning.

Florida Transportation Plan 

The Florida Transportation Plan (FTP), is the state’s long-range plan guiding Florida’s transportation future and is a plan for all of Florida – it affects every resident, business, and visitor.   The FTP is comprised of several documents that will guide our transportation partners over the next five years.  

The update of the FTP Implementation Element has recently been completed and is now available for downloading and viewing.  The fourth and final document to make up the FTP, the Implementation Element details the short-term actions, roles, and processes which will implement the FTP over the next five years.  Additionally, the Implementation Element details how we will track progress towards accomplishing the vision and goals.

The FTP Policy Element is intended to describe how we will accomplish the vision and goals, defining objectives and strategies that will guide transportation partners statewide over the next 25 years.  The FTP Performance Element report how our system performs on key measures of safety, asset condition, and mobility.   

The first of four documents that make up the plan, the FTP Vision Element was published in May 2020, and provides a longer-term view of major trends, uncertainties, opportunities, and desired outcomes shaping the future of Florida’s transportation system

Visit the Florida Transportation Plan website to learn more about FTP and how you can stay involved.  Involvement from different business sectors, regions, counties, and cities across Florida will help ensure the plan for Florida's transportation future reflects the needs, values, and visions of the people who call Florida home and those who visit it.