Florida Center for Pavement Excellence


The mission of the Florida Center for Pavement Excellence (FCPE) is to address pavement-related issues in a focused, timely, and cost-effective manner and to facilitate the rapid implementation of solutions and emerging technologies for the continuous improvement of pavement performance in Florida.

The FCPE goals include:

  • Consolidating the concerns of different pavement-related constituencies as well as developing strategic partnerships with academia, consultants, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), industry, and other pavement experts.

  • Identifying, disseminating, and implementing solutions to both short- and long-term problems in Florida.

  • Establishing a multi-disciplinary team with the required technical skills and practical expertise to bring Florida to the forefront of pavement-related activities.

  • Significantly increasing the organization and efficiency of pavement-related research and problem solving.

  • Reducing duplication of efforts and thus expenditures.

  • Significantly increasing the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of the assets attempting to solve these problems while providing an environment for pavement-related learning and training.

  • Swiftly implementing research findings.

FCPE Research Reports

FCPE-sponsored research projects can be found on FDOT's Research Center website.