Materials Contract Documents

District Geotechnical and Material Testing


The following contract documents are supplemental materials for the District Geotechnical and Material Testing Scope of Services:

  • Scope of Services:  PDF-241KB  |  DOCX-92KB
    This document describes and defines the consultant services to support the Department in Geotechnical, Coring, and Materials testing activities for projects.
  • Automated Fee Proposal (AFP)
    The document is intended as reference guide that is designed to accomplish the following goals: (1) To Standardize the consultant’s price proposal submittal statewide; (2) Streamline the price proposal process while reducing calculation errors; (3) Allow for offline proposal preparation; (4) Provide a method for uploading the fee proposal data from the AFP into Consultant Invoicing Transmittal System (CITS); and (5) Allow tracking of average wage rates by job classifications and by District.